14.4.2021  7pm IST 
♡♡ Suzette Advani from Dona Paula , puts in alot of effort to convince me to help this very fragile man , totally undernourished and suffering from bed sores from the streets of Bambolim , Goa . 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA , picks Mr Silver / Silvan ( who says is from Kumta Karnataka ) just outside the hospital in Bambolim today . 
The 2 short videos if you see will tell u all. 👇
On the footpath,  in the heat and sun , covered by the traffic barrier , near an open drain,  close to the main road having continuous traffic for over 10 days . 
We picked him today at 4 pm but after cleaning him realised he has many many BED SORES and that too a very very big one just above his b..b 
Now this is going to be a very difficult case to handle as he cant walk, cant sit on a chair , not sure about his toilet habit and plenty of dressing and treatment with endless trips in the heat from Assnora home to the hospital in porvorim. 
Let's not forget the cases are rising and we have to pay for all medical treatment in GMC as we get nothing free inspite of doing the government work of looking after these homeless street men who come with all and sundry medical issues. 
At 25 kgs weight , not sure how he survived in this inhumane conditions on a NATIONAL HIGHWAY in the vicinity of GMC hospital . 
Thank God he did not fall into that open drain . 
The most easy part is requesting to pick the homeless which we try to comply with. 
The difficult and the toughest part is the wounds which constantly require dressing , keeping a check on their pressure and sugar levels and when one is incapacitated. 
Your support is what we require. 
Medication, hospital trips and dressing is what takes away ones resources and time . 
Should there not be some way out to help and assist such homeless,  sick,  street people ? 
Are their lives not important in this world ? 
Cant the authorities support and encourage more NGOs to open their doors to these homeless men who are literally living and dying on the roads especially the old and infirmed. 
You support to us through your donations both in kind and cheque is what makes us go back to the streets searching for the lost , those in alcohol , the drug abused , the sick  the lonely & the hungry . 
Please donate to our NGO generously. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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