20.4.2021  7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA , thanks MR. LEVIN FROM THE DEPT OF PLANNING , STATISTICS & EVALUATION,  PORVORIM , for assisting our NGO in conducting 3 Adhar Camps at our homes. 
♡♡ Also Big Big thanks to Mr Noel Fernandes from Saligao , a gazetted officer who certified our application forms of these homeless men.
♡♡ Thanks to our manager Sapnesh Salgaonkar for all the follow up and the other paper work in getting these Aadhar identification cards prepared. 
Running free shelter homes for the homeless is not an easy task. 
Very Frustrating and huge paper work involved. 
☆ 1. With the new Disability Act being passed and ready to be implemented, all shelter homes looking after disabled people require to be having a license or a registration certificate from the Dept Of Social Welfare.
☆ 2. To get this registration certificate, each disabled person requires to have an individual disability certificate issued by GMC or IPHB.
☆ 3.To get the individual Disability certificate  the individual needs to have an identification  ie AADHAR CARD .
☆ 4. To get an AADHAR CARD , these homeless people require to have their documents. 
How many such disabled homeless street people do you think have any papers?
NONE have papers. 
Thanks to the Government of India , which has kept an option open in the system,   today we have managed to acquire basic identification ie AADHAR CARD for our homeless street people. 
Now with their identification in place,  these poor homeless people,  can avail of
▪︎1. Covid Vaccine
▪︎2. Treatment at hospital
▪︎3. Government benefits like ration 
▪︎4. Dignity and sense of being recognized as an registered Indian .Etc.
The last 2 months has been very hectic with tons and tons of paperwork acquiring these Adhar cards and the disability certificates for these individuals. 
Many many times I thought of giving up and quitting this service. 
Initially we were frustrated by officials,  doctors,  etc as we tried to get the AADHAR CARDS & THE DISABILITY CERTIFICATE done. 
It's only through our commitment towards the homeless, that kept us following up with the paper work, numerous hospital trips,  etc  and yes, a few SOS messages to the concerned Ministers that we have manged to reach this far.
Looking forward to our  Registration Certificate  being issued ASAP.
Today most Government officials & Doctors at both IPHB & GMC understand that these homeless people are not my own relatives but are homeless and lost and they consideration and wlingness to help our NGO and for this I am grateful.
Paper work kills you .
And it's not just 1 or 2 application , its more than 80 + homeless people we are talking about. 
Small piece of advice :
For those providing service to people with disabilities,  please do get their individual disability certificates as well as the organization Registration Certificate done with Dept of Social Welfare. 
Government of India through the Social Welfare Dept has many many schemes available for these individuals with disabilities as well as the homes which provide shelter to people with disabilities. 
Starting the paperwork is killing but once the Grant / Scheme is allocated then the organisation saves alot of money on infrastructure and other expenses involved in running shelter homes for the disabled.
Lastly, I once again thank Mr Levin & Mr Noel , both who supported our dream of providing basic identification to the homeless people at Street Providence. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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