23.3.2021  7pm IST
♡♡ An 80 year old goan man,  Mr Simon , from Mapusa gets us to help this maggot infected homeless , alcoholic man off the streets. 
Its Sunday,  21.3.2021 , and Uncle Simon notices Shiva in a very very horrifying state on the streets at 8.30 am
Please watch the video .👇
It will explain how we work on the streets. 
Uncle calls me and explains. 
I call our volunteer Doctor and  our volunteer from Mapusa , Mr Napolean & we get to the streets. 
Shiva is in terrible odour , soiled and having maggots on his leg.
Doctor cleans his wounds & puts a new dressing. 
Shiva is also slightly psychiatric as he has been on the streets for months. 
Douglas gets Shiva into our Ambulance & is moved to our rehab home. 
Doctor prescribed medicines for :
his withdrawal as no alcohol in our home, 
his wounds to kill the pain ,
for his mind to cool him down. 
Our care givers , clean and bath him and shave his beard and hair as there was alot of lice in it which can spread to our other men as well as bugs .
Today 23rd,  Doctor after his duty, visits Shiva in our home and dresses the wounds after examining Shiva.
Shiva has showed much improvement in just 2 days , &  Dr was able to clear his wound of the maggots using special techniques like gauze soaked in turpentine oil to fush out the maggots. 
His wound was free of maggots today , no foul smell .
Dr prevented him from going into withdrawal by detoxifying him .
Antibiotics are working well & going this way  with good nutrition and hygene his wound should heal in few weeks.
The greater problem is to get him off alcohol permanently for which we are giving anticraving drugs and counselling
It's to be noted that Uncle Simon at 80   years, stood for over 3 hours on a Sunday making sure that we got Shiva off the streets. 
Uncle Simon has been blessing us from the time we started In May 2017 and whenever a benefactor suggests help to the homeless we always respond. 
Inspite of lack of space we agreed to Uncle Simon request. 
Uncle Simon , one son is a Priest and I am sure , his son will be happy that his Dad is doing a wonderful service towards the homeless street people in Goa .
If Shiva was unattended for a few more days,  he would have kicked the bucket .
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