22.3.2021  8pm IST 
Imagine you hear of a failed suicide attempt by a family where 1 dies and the others survive. 
And the survivors are now homeless , lost 
and totally lonely in this world. 
Also understand that the survivors might want to start life fresh but the opportunity and that hand is needed to start Afresh . 
Would and will any home accept such a case for rehabilitation ? 
That too without any charges. 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA today accepts 3 people into our home as they were really in need of a place to stay. 
☆ Case 1
The survivors were today discharged from the hospital and we took them in . 
Middle aged , shattered,  frustrated,  dejected,  on medication  and yet wish to go ahead in life . 
We were aware that these survivors required shelter almost 1 month ago. 
Initially it was difficult to agree to open our doors to the survivors. 
But over a period of time a certain factor of guilt & humanity started getting into me. 
Thoughts like :
What if you were in their place ?
Costs you nothing to help them.
May be their needs are genuine.
Its Lenten season, why not give it a try. 
Summer will kill them or depression will get them.
You have the set up , just think. 
You have a Doctor, who is a Psychiatrist and our volunteer,  so what's the issue. 
Then my good friend , An Asst Prof of the hospital , explains that such cases actually require rehabilitation which makes me accept the survivors. 
Anyway our Volunteer Doctor,  will do the needful from tomorrow and help these survivors. 
☆ Case 2
An orphan Goan adult,  on medication and stressed. 
A Parish priest from Vasco called me 2 days back requesting if we would help this orphan. 
I agreed. 
Today the orphan Goan adult got the documentation done with the local police and we accepted the orphan. 
The orphan too has psychiatric issues and our Volunteer Doctor will treat the orphan from tomorrow. 
Thanks to the Parish Priest for counseling and motivating this adult orphan to get into a rehabilitation home. 
All these people are tired,  stressed and desperate to get a place to stay and food to eat. 
The heat and hunger is a killer. 
Even though we are really tight on space   yet we don't send anyone back provided the admission happens through the police. 
If you know of any big home to lease or to 
rent on a minimum basis do let us know. 
We are also open to renting 4 to 6 bedroom flats or bungalows which can hold about 15 to 20 such old men .
Support us in whatever way you can. 
Donate generously to our NGO.
We offer you 50% exemption under 80G on your donations. 
Donations only through cheque /NEFT along with your pan card copy .
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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