9.3.2021 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA rehabilitation homes are looking for the following kitchen items for our homes. 
Second hand kitchen items will be accepted incase you have anything in your home which you are not using or have in excess .
We will come and pick from your home on the condition you whatsap me the picture.
In case you wish to purchase anything new and give, do check with me before you purchase. 
Incase you require any clarification please be free to WhatsApp a message to me on 8380097564. No calling please. 
We will also share whatever we collect extra with other poor families where we monthly provide dry ration.
This is the list :
▪︎1. Big serving spoons (ladles) – 9 nos
▪︎2. Big serving spoons with perforation – 3
▪︎3. Chapati turner (kaylatto) – 6 nos
▪︎4. Non stick tava (chapatti) – 3 nos
▪︎5. Deep frying pan (2 handles) – 3 nos
▪︎6. Containers with lid – (Masalas ) – 3 sets
▪︎7. Aluminum plate stand – 3 nos
▪︎8. Cutting knives – 12 nos.
▪︎9. Aluminum basin for washing rice – 9 no
▪︎10. Shallow frying pan – 3 nos
▪︎11. Big steel tray (serve tea) – 6 nos
▪︎12. Dust bins (big) – 9 nos
▪︎13. Cutting board (big) – 3 nos
▪︎14. Gas lighters (big) – 12 nos
▪︎15. Potato peelers- 6 nos
▪︎16. Tong pincer to hold hot utensils (Pakkad) – 3 nos
▪︎17. Chapatti board & Rolling pin – 3 nos
We also attached a poster with this message. 
Incase you have these 2nd hand items and they in good condition we will accept. 
Please DONATE generously towards our NGO .
We offer you 50% , income tax exemption under Section 80G.
Donations in cheque/ NEFT with your pan card copy. 
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As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848