10.3.2021 6 pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA requires your help to give an identity to the homeless. 
Street Providence Goa :
feeds the homeless on the streets, 
picks and rehabilitate the old and sick from the streets, hospitals etc .
runs mobile clinic on the streets ,
Now we have gone 1 step up .
We are now giving these homeless an identity by making their ADHAR CARDS .
Thanks to an expert on disability , who is 
An Asst Prof at IPHB who showed me the way to get an adhar card done for the homeless & the Staff of Planning, Statistics & Evaluation, Porvorim who conducted the 1st such camp today at our home.
And the 1st to get this benefit have been 6 homeless women from our women home .
Attached a few pictures of the Camp 
International women Day was on the 8th and today we ran a camp in our home and this Is how, Street Providence sees the homeless women in our home .
Women with identify. 
Looking after homeless street people is the biggest , toughest and most complicated services among all sections of homes .
Here no one pays u any fees ,
If you get government support you are blessed ,
Survival is through donations, 
Paperwork kills you .
But everyone wants you to admitt and help those on the streets. 
If I go back to them and tell them to sign the form, they refuse.
Rules and regulations are many which are at times mind blowing. 
Its has been really time consuming and tiring in helping the poor, homeless, marginalized especially with the paperwork and the mentality of those in power who can actually do any job in 1 signature but make you go round and round endlessly.
Always remember POWER IS NOT PERMANENT. 
There Is a new rule in the country that any one looking after anyone with any sort of disability ( whether paid or free ) have to register themselves with the Social Welfare Department ( SWD)
To register with SWD , each disable person needs to get a disability certificate from GMC or IPHB.
To get this certificate, the disabled person requires an adhar card .
To make an adhar card , one requires documents. 
But homeless people especially with mental disability at times cant even remember their own names, forget documents. 
Now we are aware any home can be shut down without getting the registration done with SWD.
But very often i have experienced in many government offices , officials going out of their way to help me once I tell them what and how we do towards the homeless street people in Goa .
So we make endless trips to the Department of Planning and Statistics, Porvorim and Mrs Maggi & her team are very co operative and explain the procedure which is quite time consuming but possible. 
There is a certain form to be filled of these homeless people and has to be certified by Gazetted officer. 
We are grateful to Dr Roshan from Primary Health Centre, Candolim , who visits our home in Calangute and certifies on the form regarding these 6 homeless street women.
The form need to be filled accurately and three times we made mistakes and had to go back to Dr Roshan to get his signature which he obliged. 
Today, the department of planning and statistics visited our home in Calangute and conducted a drive to enroll the six homeless women for an Aadhar card of which three are goans .
We still have 85 + homeless people in our homes who require to get identity in the form of Aadhar card
If there are any gazetted officers in Goa you can support us by signing on this forms please let me know so that we can give this homeless people an identity.
Each gazetted officer can sign 10 or 12 forms, no need to sign all 85 at one time.
For us @ Street Providence , it treating and caring for the homeless just like they are our own home people. 
Yes at times we get tiring and stressful as many are just dumped by their loved ones or by their former employees .
But after a little scrubbing, denting , polishing, painting these once upon a time condemned people are a bright light both in their lives and in the lives of others.
Once again please come forward and help us incase you are :
☆ An MLA
☆ EDUCATIONAL Institute .
We require your signature after you visit our homes and see the homeless people with your eyes .
As usal all communication through WhatsApp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you for helping me .
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848