4.3.2021 4pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA had picked up these 2 homeless men just outside Navelim Church , Goa a few days back .
From late Decemnber 2020 , I was requested many times by many people around Navelim , to help the elderly man , Mr Louine Marquis , aged 70 years .
Why it did not happen was , we were just not having space as we were asked to vacate our biggest home in margao..
But then 2nd week of Feb 2021 , Mrs Roseline , from SSVP , Navelim Church requested me to reconsider if we could help this old man .
Mrs Roseline is our old well wisher and her request was considered as it was a genuine case of an elderly man begging for the last 2 months for help .
The day we reached there to pick the elderly man Mr Louine Marquis, we found another man by the name Stephen also badly in need to rehabilitation. 
Attached a few pictures and a video .👇
Stephen leg was in bad state, he was In pain and his leg would not touch the ground and he must be suffering from :
” Malunion of ankle fracture” 
( malunited bimalleolar fracture left ankle). 
He will need hospitalization and an operation to enable him to walk straight again. 
We have totally stopped picking or rehabilitating any homeless people from Margao & Fatorda jurisdiction, as the biggest home in Margao was shut down when it was given specifically to house the homeless street people. 
God bless that man who instigated the Society to not renew the contract and also the legal mind who was part of the plan to get us out of this home .
As of today, alot , I mean alot of homeless men are around in the streets of Fatorda & Margao jurisdiction asking for help to get off the streets.
In the last 2 months this big home in South Goa is just idle and not used.
Remember this 👇
” The thief comes 
To steal , kill and destroy .
But I have come 
To give life &
Life in abundance “.
See how the evil one got his plan executed by stopping our work and you will be surprised to know how many homeless people are suffering and living on the streets due to no place to go and stay. 
And see how we are still struggling to give a new life to those on the streets inspite of not owning a single home in our name .
Humanity at times is gone to the winds .
It's all about property and money. 
Practically everyday we get requests to pick men from the streets, but its just not going to happen as we dont have space. 
This pandemic has brought alot of men to the streets and it's getting worse as the summer starts.
Wounded, skin diseases, hungry , sick alcoholic , etc are on the streets due to circumstances beyond their control. 
Your and our help is all that requires to get them back on track. 
Once the monsoon sets in it will be next to impossible to rehabilitate any more men .
If any one has a big home In South Goa ,
to give us for a reasonable rent or for free to rehabilitate the homeless men , please let me know. 
Our 2 mens home combined are now holding 60 men when they were suppose to hold only 40 men .
So it's going to be very very difficult to accept more men from the streets in such a situation. 
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Donations in cheque/ NEFT with your pan card copy. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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