3.3.2021 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA, through our medicine bank thanks all the benefactors for donating to our request for mobility aids for our homeless street people in our homes. 
On 21.2.2021 we had uploaded a post asking for walking mobility aids for our 100+ homeless street people in all our homes. 
And the response was more than what we could expect. 
Infact I had to request 5 such benefactors not to buy any further new mobility aids as we had already received our requirements. 
Wish to thank the following people who supported us in our request for walking aids :
☆ 1. Fabricat of Orlim church for purchasing close to rs 30000 worth of new mobility aids.
☆ 2. Lizette from utorda who purchased new mobility aids of rs 15000.
☆ 3. Rupak Aggarwal from Caranzalem who purchased new mobility aids worth rs 8000.
To those who gave us in good usable condition mobility aids :
♡ Lorrain from Baga
♡ A well wisher from margao
♡ Cynthia from vasco 
♡ Loran from vasco 
♡ Richard from panjim 
♡ Sr Maria from Fatima convent, Margao.
♡ Pamela from Tivim 
Thank you all for the quick support. 
We received in total:
▪︎Wheel chairs 8 nos
▪︎Commodes on wheels 2 nos
▪︎Clutches 4 pairs 
▪︎Walkers 5 nos
▪︎Walking sticks 4 nos
▪︎Tripods 10 nos.
▪︎Adult diapers 36 nos
I ( and you ) shall be remembered in life for 2 things :
♧ 1.The problems I solve 
♧ 2. The problems I create .
And I am a problem solver .
We @ Street Providence & the food bank through our volunteers and you our benefactors are solving the homeless and hungry people problems here in Goa .
We all need to move out of your comfort zone to solve other people's problems.
God has chosen me to solve the hungry and the homeless people problem in Goa and God has chosen you as a well wisher , as a benefactor, as a volunteer, as a landlord to solve this problem along with me .
My assignment is to solve homeless and hungry street people problems in Goa .
The problems I ( & you ) solve is a legacy to others .
Each one has a fixed assignment in this world, one needs to only ask God to show you the assignment. 
Problems can we marvelous , mysterious and wonderful beginnings.
And everyday I have problems. 
Problems to get resources to run so many projects .
And you the benefactors reply to my problems by donating generously to our NGO.
This is your assignment by God to solve my problem and I in turn feed the hungry on the streets and rehabilitate homeless street people in Goa and I solve the homeless street people problems. 
Problems around me are the golden keys to favour.
Your seeds have to be sown in the lives of those who got problems. 
That is the place of your field .
I am always using my eagle eyes , searching and looking for opportunities to solve the homeless street people problems in Goa .
God always blesses the reachers heart .
Broken people become champions in mending broken people hearts and lives.
The more and more I go around solving problems of the homeless street people, I go on creating rewards .
When you and I solve other people problems, God guarantees our own prosperity .
The biggest problem I now have is to get a big big home as there are at least 50 + desperate men & women waiting to get off the streets of Goa .
You reading this post be it, the bishop, 
a priest , a nun , a politician , a common man , a landlord , a HR manager in a big company, a society owning a closed school, anyone having a big empty home etc , might be called to solve this problem .
Come support us in any way you can .
We offer you 50% Income Tax exemption under section 80G.
Donations only through Cheques / NEFT along with your pan card copy .
We operate only through WhatsApp messages on 8380097564.
No calling please.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848