11.2.2021 5pm IST 
♡♡”Give and it shall be given unto you “♡♡
☆ A.
2 days back our NGO received free, a next to new Thread mill & a elliptical cycle from a benefactor Joseph from Margao for our rehabilitation homes.
Picture attached. 
☆ B.
Yesterday we gave away a brand new wheel chair which was donated to our NGO but kept as reserve, to a lady who broke her leg. 
Her husband could not afford a new one .
We could have given our second wheel chair and Kept the new one for our homes .
But no , we always give the best to the poor and needy .
☆☆ C.
Rosita from Divar is a special lady and she had WhatsApp me asking for help 7 days back.
The below link is when we bought the sewing machine 👇
Watch her video of 2 min when we met her 7 days back.
Please hear the video with headphones as the sound is a bit low.
Yesterday we gifted her a brand new sewing machine as her old one broke and sewing is her only source of income.
Thanks to my friend Sherwin who saw the live video I uploaded 7 days back asking for help for Rosita.
Rosita is from Divar and requires :
▪︎ 1. A small washroom to be built inside her house as the current one is outside her house and for her moving out of the house to the washroom is getting a bit difficult.
May cost Rs 30000 max. 
Require a throne, wash basin, taps , pipes , floor tiles, wall tiles and labour cost.
▪︎2. Rosita also requires her kitchen roof to be repaired as there is water seeping into her kitchen during the monson.
Not sure what will be the cost as looking at roof you cant just say what will be the work .
Her roof tiles are okay .
Only the wood work will be need to be replaced with metal beams and metal strips.
Max area of this kitchen should be 
30 sq mts.
If you can please help let me know. 
If you have any walking aids not being used or barely used like:
☆ cluthes, 
☆ Wheel chairs,
☆ Medical beds ,
☆ Surgical equipment ,
☆ Etc 
Please give it to us. 
We have many amputated men in our homes as well as old men who cant walk at all, in need of these aids .
If you have any equipment for exercising or games for the men to play please let me know .
But give cheerfully and in good and working condition without we being asked to repair .
It's very challenging looking after and rehabilitating homeless street people especially those who are incapacitated, amputated, old and the those with unsound mind .
And most of the men in are homes are from the above description. 
And always do good and share your resources which you dont require ( not clothes ) with the poor .
We always try to help anyone who approaches us.
No one is ever sent back empty handed. 
Solutions are always there with us to help the poor and needy. 
Support us through your donations both in kind and in resources. 
We accept donation only through NEFT / CHEQUES along with your pan card copy .
Twitter : @streetproviden1
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As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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