10.2.2021 7pm IST 
” Christmas Father / Mr Fakhira conquered his demons through Street Providence”
STOP reading. 
Watch the 4 min video first , which was shot on 8.2.2021 and then continue reading .

” The video is in konkanni “
picks up from the streets, 
accepts from the streets &
rehabilitates homeless street people which at times are beyond your imagination.
And we strive hard to get each and everyone human being in our shelter home back on track :
no matter how severe the matter is , 
no matter how many years one is in depression, 
no matter how many wounds or dirt is on the body, 
no matter even if our eyes tell us it's a hopeless case, dont touch this case .
Our biggest success story after 3 years. MR FAKHIRA .
One of the toughest and the worst case we ever handled. 
Yet today FAKHIRA is as gentle as a child. 
We have managed to destroy the animal instinct in him which made him reach the streets and loose his mind very badly .
Everyone knew him as Christmas Father especially in and around Panjim City , Goa.
We tried many times to get him off the streets but he always came to attack us or he was extremely dirty , unclean & in inhumane conditions with foul smell .
But we kept trying till we used DIVINE PROVIDENCE to get him off the streets. 
When we picked Fakhira he was :
☆ Heavy in body ,
☆ Wounded smelly leg in a plastic bag ☆ ☆ with live worms and maggots, 
☆ Abusive and rough, 
☆ Uncontrollable,
☆ Highly in depression, 
☆ Water phobia, 
☆ Etc etc 
I can go on .
But many many former care givers played their part in breaking him down slowly. 
The main players behind this success story has been the :
DOCTORS @ IPHB , Bambolim &
Sr Mariola who would often do counseling with him .
Continuous medication and visits to IPHB @ Bambolim is what played a major part in what FAKHIRA is today. 
Today Fakhira :
☆ Has his own bath ,
☆ Brushes his teeth, 
☆ Uses the washroom 
☆ Eats without food falling out of the plate, 
☆ Washes his own plate, 
☆ Does the work allocated to him ,
☆ Speaks politely and properly ,
☆ Does not waste water/ has no water pobhia
☆ Sleeps peacefully,
☆ Takes his medication faithfully,
☆ Reasons out and can think properly. 
I remember in early 2018 , many many people would trouble me to rehabilitate him, but it always looked impossible. 
Being determined towards the cause of taking care of such cases concerning homeless and depressin , we are proud of FAKHIRA as of today. 
As the only NGO in GOA picking and looking after such highly complicated and depression cases from the streets, is not an easy task with the number of such men / cases in our homes. 
You and I together need to live and walk towards humanity .
Its easy to request to get some one off the streets. 
But the rehabilitation process is an expensive aspect which makes every one avoid starting rehabilitation/shelter homes and take the easy route to running old aged homes. 
Rehabilitation homes are only for poor street people who dont pay any fees .
We @ Street PROVIDENCE requires more shelter homes to rehabilitate homeless street people of which 50% are our local goans. 
Street Providence requires your support both in kind like :
▪︎dry ration 
▪︎Walking aids 
and in resources to rehabilitate the homeless in our homes across Goa .
Every day except Sunday, we are in some government hospital with our people for treatment and medication. 
Please DONATE generously towards our NGO .
We offer you income tax exemption under Section 80G.
Donations in cheque/ NEFT with your pan card copy. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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