9.2.2021 10am
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA presents you on various programs how we serve and work for the poorest of the poor & the downtrodden In Goa .
▪︎1. Dry ration distributed to 30 poor Native Goans @ Canacona for the 3rd straight month for Feb 2021.
▪︎2. Something small for 3 orphanges in Goa.
▪︎3. Rs 16000 paid for the 2nd straight month towards a poor Goan lady who is on dialysis and totally bed ridden.
♡♡ 1. Thanks to our volunteer Sharon & her husband, we have managed to distribute through them dry ration across various villages in Canacona taluka to 30 really poor native goans.
Along with ration we also gave 20 families new plastic folding stools .
Most of these families are suffering from some sickness and poverty is stark naked.
A few families we even paid their electricity Bill's. 
Attached 1 small videos.

♡♡ 2. Thanks to Mr Anthony from Benaulim who donated rs 20000 towards our orphanage programme, we for the month of January 2021 are providing these items to 3 orphanages in Goa .
Something small for the orphans but yet we @ Street Providence are there month after month giving cheerful as we receive.
Picture attached of the items .
♡♡ 3. For the 2nd month we have helped this native goan bedridden lady with rs 16000 for her dialysis, donated by Mrs K & her husband in gratitude for their lovely twins being recently gifted from God .
This lady is bedridden and requires a car to take her for dialysis twice a week to the center. 
Every week, she requires rs. 4000/-, ( she goes twice a week for dialysis )
This includes:
▪︎Car : Rs. 1000/-
▪︎Medicine (injection) : rs. 750/-
▪︎Iron dose injection: rs. 250/- .
Attached a small video expressing her gratitude as well as explaining her situation.
Yet to meet her, but thanks to Patricia for the coordination. 
If anyone can come forward for her March 2021 dialysis expenses, please let me know. 
Yes in all the above 3 projects, it's been possible due to benefactors who have donated generously towards their own choice of the program.
♡♡ Thanks to all our volunteers across so many programs who faithfully do their allocated duties irrespective whether I upload their picture or write about them on social media or not. 
We all serve the poor and in return we serve God through our resources, donations and our time.
You too can play your part.
Support us either in kind ( depending what we require) or through your donations. 
We are badly in need of kitchen equipment like big pots, pans , etc for one of our men home where 35 men are rehabilitated.
We accept cheques/ NEFT only, along with your pan card copy .
We offer you 80G certificate which allows you 50% exemption on your donations to our NGO
No cash donations. 
But you can pay our Bill's directly incase you wish.
Plenty of Bill's are pending in various places across Goa as our projects are spread across Goa .
We operate only through WhatsApp messages on 8380097564 
Strictly no calling .
Please go thru our website to go know more about us .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes
8380097564 / 7021314848