4.2.2021 4pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA admits this poor Goan lady who was treated for Mental disabilities at the hospital, into our home .
Few days back received a request from a Asst Prof requesting to rehabilitate this lady who was going to be discharged soon. 
The lady herself is 12 std pass , with computer knowledge.
But some how has got terribly disturbed mentally. 
The lady Has been creating a nuisance in the village for pretty long time @ 12 years due to her mental state and for over 1 year has been in hospital. 
The Asst Prof and the ladies brother became friends and that is when the 
Asst Prof decided to do something for the poor lady .
The Asst Prof drives 40 kms to their home to understand the level of poverty this lady comes from and to ascertain that this lady requires rehabilitation in our home. 
Brother small cart ( gaddo) has been shut since the lockdown. No source of income. 
It's at this point of time, I assure the 
Asst Prof that we will rehabilitate.
If we refuse there r 2 options:
▪︎1. She remains a few more months / years in the hospital or 
▪︎ 2. She starts roaming back on the streets. 
♡♡ Thanks to FMCK nuns who also double up as our caregivers in the woman home for providing their home & their nuns to run this woman home.
Not an easy task .
♡♡ Special thanks to SR DIANA a FMCK NUN who Is also a professional NURSE for taking care of these 15 + woman in our home.
On coming Saturday another such goan lady will be admitted 
Next week another 91 year old man who is homeless will be admitted into our men home .
Looking after such people is a special calling and I am grateful to God for putting this service into my heart. 
At times I wonder inspite of being very very impatient and uncut , why is God using me?
Also thanks to our :
☆ Care givers, 
☆ Volunteers,
☆ Our trustees ,
☆ Our operational manager ,
☆ Our collaborators ie FMCK nuns , especially SR DIANA ,
☆ The landowners who rent out their homes to us at very cheap rate, 
Without whom this rehabilitation program would not be possible. 
We are the only LAY NGO having the highest no of people with mental disabilities ie 68 ( both ladies and gents) in all our homes and the numbers are increasing. 
Along with donations and support increasing we too are increasing our strength which will be at 150 people very soon.
See when God blesses you or me its not to be kept inside, that blessing needs to be put out to those who require the blessing .
In this case for us its the POOR HOMELESS PEOPLE who we bless daily.
Not an easy task yet we are there Providing FREE food, clothing , medication, hospital visits, etc .
If you have that FIRE in you to serve the poorest of the poor , and can commit yourself full time then we welcome you to serve with us .
If you have an big empty home to rent out to us for rehabilitation of the homeless street people, then please get in touch with me on 8380097564 thru whatsapp messages only .
If you know of poor ladies having mental issues and no one to care for them , then we might just be able to help out .
I repeat might . So understand well .
I am not promising or committing but it will be on case to case basis. 
Provided the paper work is done and we are convinced that the person is poor and requires free rehabilitation. 
By end March 2021 we are preparing to admitt another 40 such ladies in our upcoming 2 ladies homes in collaboration with the nuns as nuns are the only one for us , who can look after such ladies full time. 
Support us through your donations both in kind and in resources. 
We accept donation only through NEFT / CHEQUES along with your pan card copy .
Twitter : @streetproviden1

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As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848