3.2.2021 9am IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA in the last 3 days gets 3 men off the streets of Goa inspite of having lost our biggest home early last month in Margao city .
☆ Case 1 on Sunday :
Napolean spots this goan man Mr Jairam loitering and desperate for help at Mapusa taxi stand. 
Watch the 1 min video. You might shed a tear .
One side he is paralyzed ,weak , frustrated and under nourished .
Thrown out by his family as he has narrated. 
Mapusa Police does the Paperwork and within a few hours he is taken to our home.
Attached a picture after we cleant him .
☆ Case 2 : Monday 
Mr Kamat a goan man , infected, homeless and alcoholic.
Has a fresh wound on his leg as well as has one swollen leg .
No one to look after as he is terribly sick from his incurable disease. 
A source of nuisance in his village as he has no work, no money so no food .
Got his affidavit and other paperwork done and admitt him into our home. 
When we picked him he was like a scavenger. 
On cleaning him and cutting his hair, looks real gentleman. 
Sorry no picture can be uploaded. 
☆ Case 3 : Tuesday 
Mr Rakesh is a non goan , lying in various government hospitals from late Nov 2020.
Attached a picture of him on the bed sitting
Terribly under nourished and a bit of unsound mind with wounds on his body and one hand paralyzed. 
Mapusa police station request us to rehab him as on Tuesday he needed to be discharged from District hospital mapusa and issues the NOC.
Sapnesh does the co ordination and Naploean gets the paperwork and other formalities done. 
If discharged from the hospital , he will be back on the streets. 
On humanitarian conditions we pick him up else he might just not make it .
Frankly speaking we are over stretched in our mens homes as we just dont have space. 
Other side, these 3 homeless men might just not make it , if not rehabilitated in time. 
We require ASAP a big big home to rehab more homeless men, who are looking for a place to stay and food to eat .
Getting them of the streets is okay but the hospital trips and doctors visits is really very difficult and expensive. 
Then quite a good number of them are incapicated and they need to be cleant and bathed often .
Caregivers have a tough time. 
Yet we are there , ready to share HUMANITY with these homeless people inspite of our biggest home being taken away from us in Margao.
See, inspite of not a single home owned by us , yet we are able to do so much .
Otherside, see who has all the big houses, big buildings , big institutions and plenty on nurses and attendants and yet the poor , homeless and underprivileged adults are just not important to be admitted into these completely empty buildings.
Becuase they can't afford the fees.
Only those with money are cared for and looked after .
Rest die on the streets. 
If you cant use your buildings for the poor atleast give it to us to use to rehabilitate the homeless. 
Sometimes i really get frustrated and upset at how our own society attitude towards the homeless and downtrodden. 
All only preach & teach to others about the homeless, the poor , the hungry but very very few , ( single digit % ) actually do these services here in Goa .
To love the poor & the homeless you don't require property, assets, bank balance, a top class Advocate, but you need to have a heart of humanity. 
The lockdown & the pandemic is creating a big havoc to the poorest of the poor right across Goa .
Homeless people are increasing in various cities of Goa due to unemployment. 
Support us as we are the only NGO in Goa looking after homeless street men & women without any charges. 
Kindly support us through any way you can.
You can pay :
☆ Our medical Bill's 
☆ Our food and ration Bill's 
☆ For petrol vouchers 
Or you can donate to our Trust and we offer you 50% income tax exemption under 80G.
But the work will go on but will not stop as God provides through benefactors like you who are inspired by God.
We operate only through WhatsApp on 8380097564.
No calling please and no cash donations .
All donations with your pan card copy and strictly through Cheque / NEFT .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848