31.1.2021 11am IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA Thanks Mr John Travasso from Fatorda who yesterday donated a brand new Car to our organisation.
We @ Street Providence have followed this scripture always :
♡♡ Give & it shall be given into you, 
Good measure , pressed down, 
Shaken together, etc ♡♡ 
Post lockdown due to the pandemic , we had offered our only ambulance to the PHC @ CHIMBEL which was returned early December 2020.
We had uploaded a post in October 2020 on social media asking/ requesting for a 2nd hand ambulance to purchase. 
Within 30 min of that post 2 senior citizens replied :
♡♡ 1st one John Travasso 
♡♡ 2nd one Ivan Rasquinha.
Both agreed to donate generously for an ambulance.
I immediately confirmed with Mr John that we will accept his donation for the new ambulance. 
I quickly informed Mr Ivan that we have received commitment from another benefactor and will not accept his donation.
But Maruti Eco ambulance either brand new or 2nd hand were not available. 
Both the above senior citizens tried at their level but yet we just could not get a 2nd hand Maruti Eco ambulance. 
We even booked a new Maruti Eco ambulance through Chowgules but given to understand there is a shortage of ambulances at the manufacturing facility.
Approached the OSD to the Transport Minister of Goa , with a request to allow us to convert / modify our existing Maruti Eco van to an ambulance. 
The OSD was kind enough to allow us the same through the advice of 
THE Director of Transport, Goa , who explained the rule under section 52 where by this is possible. 
I explained this to John and he understood the same. 
We requested John for a New Wagon R car as the mileage Is 50% more than an Eco and he willingly agreed.
Especially with the cost of Petrol HITTING an all time high .
Infact John was kind enough to send additional funds for the conversion / modification of our existing Maruti Eco into a full fledged ambulance. 
In 1 month from today our modified ambulance should be ready. 
♡♡ Thanks to Fr Ubald , Parish Priest of Cavelossim Church who blessed our New Car in the presence of Mr Dixon Vaz.
We have a home for homeless street men in Cavelossim and i know Fr Ubald from my school days way back in 1989.
By end April 2021, we are planning to house in total 150 homeless street people. 
Approx 100 men & 50 women. 
Of which :
☆ 60% will be people with Mental disabilities 
☆ 10% will be people with physical disabilities
☆ 10% will be with injures and old age .
Daily hospital trips and doctors visits is something we just cant avoid especially when its a rehabilitation home for street people. 
Transportation to the hospitals of these homeless people Is something which happens daily due to the weak health parameters being on the streets for months if not years .
Besides rehabilitation, we also collect food across Goa through our Food bank programme on daily basis and here too transportation is required. 
With More homes starting soon & more homeless people being picked up and rehabilitated , means more transportation is to be considered. 
Now we are having 80+ people in our homes .
Took a hit after we lost our biggest home.
But that's how the Evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy . 
Planning an exclusive FREE home for the ever increasing no of substance abused youngsters in Goa very soon .
But In 3 months from now , just before the monson we are trying to double the numbers to 150 homeless and 
poor abandoned goans off the streets and into our homes .
We are still looking for a big home only for men which can hold about 50 in total under 1 roof .
For women on the streets, we have two homes starting from March 2021 .
Currently we are looking after 15 street women for the last 2 years supported by FMCK congregstion .
Your support in so many ways is what drives us to go beyond our means .
We will still be requiring atleast 2 more cars and once we get these cars we will convert/ modify our balance 2 Maruti Eco into ambulances as that's the only way forward with regards to ambulances .
If any one knows of a 2nd hand Maruti Eco ambulance for sale please let me know .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848