30.12.2020 10am IST
2014 preparing & feeding 50 tiffins a day 
2020 fed 5000 meals on 19.12.2020 across Goa .
Its been a long and fruitful journey.
A link of 15 min video of what and how we do at the food bank in Goa ūüĎá
Its been a dream run for all of us doing best what We are called to do ie FEEDING THE POOR & HUNGRY IN GOA.
Till the lockdown ie March 2020 we used to daily collect on an average 1000 to 1500 kgs of food from bakeries, hotels , factories, caterers, wedding halls etc.
Post Lockdown April 2020 we started getting absolutely nothing till early October 2020 where now we daily collect about
500 kgs of food.
From February 2020 we started serving freshly cooked/ bought breakfast outside all the major government hospital in Goa, 
Where we cater to about 200 to 250 meals depending on logistics.
In early November 2020 we started MOW ( Meals on Wheels) in major municipalities in Goa feeding the homeless daily 2 meals. 
MOW consists of 
‚ėÜ 1 bread / paratha with 1 banana afternoon¬†
‚ėÜ 1 bread / paratha with 1 egg at night .
We also have Volunteers who run MOW and feed poor goan families across Goa both rural and urban both afternoon & night.
Our MOW reaches to 800 to 1000 people daily again depending on logistics .
All our volunteers come in free and there are days they are unwell, other commitments , weather not favourable, bike breaks down, etc so feeding may not happen. 
The 500 kgs food we daily pick is sent to other food bank fridges and for our 8 rehabilitation homes where we look after 100+ destitudes and that's about 300 meals in our own homes. 
So daily we feed about 2000+ through the above program, in the pandemic which is not an easy task .
We also provide dry ration to 500 poor goan families of which 250 families are HIV INFECTED. 
Of these 500 families, we have complete data base of 400 families and the other 100 data is being put together. 
A very unique food bank which till 2017 was not ever attempted in Goa on the scale that it operates now .
And that brings us to you .
Yes, we are doing this service because of YOU our BENEFACTORS and numerous VOLUNTEERS .
Without VOLUNTEERS AND BENEFACTORS we would not be able to grow and cover such a vast area with so many running projects .
Along with success also comes JEALOUSY & DOUBT .
Its human nature .
We invite, anyone who wishes to join us to actually see the working, to please come in daily for 6 days .
Just because it was never done that does not mean it cant be done. 
You will amazed to see how Gods Favour is upon us and how the numerous volunteers work faithfully fulfilling their calling with their own bikes and their own petrol. 
Why ? Because all our volunteers see God in the poor .
God is not in religious buildings, properties, land , etc but he exists in the poorest of the poor .
Those who refuse to believe poverty and hunger exists in Goa , will be surprised to read a report coming which says malnutrition in children post pandemic is rising. 
It will be published soon .
We @ the food bank are trying to take this daily figure of 2000+ meals to 4000+ daily meals in the New Year .
Support us through your prayers , blessings, time , donations both in kind and through NEFT / CHEQUES .
Your reward is assured as you are keeping food flowing to the plates of the poor and hungry through your sacrifice and donation .
We offer you income tax exemption under section 80G for your donations along with your pan card copy .
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As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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