STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA wishes you all a Very Happy New Year 2021.
♡♡ We thank you all our benefactors, well wishers, volunteers , collaborators for the support shown to us during the entire year 2020.
We suffered a terrible set back during the last days of Dec 2020.
A link of a video attached below 👇
But on the other side , the entire 2020 we managed to reach out to many people on the streets especially during the entire lockdown and even now. 
I took a terrible beating by believing blindly people who actually promised to support us and ended up investing a few lacs of Rupees but feeling terribly cheated .
May be their need was more important than the lives of the poor , underprivileged, homeless street people. 
May be all the work they did with us on the streets of Goa by feeding the hungry right from july 2017 was nothing as compared to the person who instigated them to get us and the homeless street men out of their home. 
I mean no one comes into a home for only 11 months especially when its rehabilitation program and when you invite us to clean up your home both of the illegal migrants and the big terrible rubbish and rouble accumulated in the entire complex. 
Today as we close the year, I recall the same situation I went thru in dec 2017 .
The difference was in dec 2017 when we were given marching orders , we had a few men to move and the investment was NIL.
May be in the future, we might be able to work together. 
But then I always recall, without trouble you can never be successful. 
If there is no opposition to good work then there is something wrong. 
We will survive this storm and come back strongly as these homeless destitute people are CHILDREN OF GOD and no parent will abandon their own children .
God has provided in the last 3 years and surely God will provide. 
I am not going to make a mistake again.
Today in a pandemic we are moving our 35 homeless sick men.
Moving where?
We really dont know where. 
If you reading this post are aware of any big house or big building to lease or give to use for a good cause please let us know. 
Yes its easy to accuse .
There will always be other party views which can be counted on.
But your own society members including your BOSS, data , messages, calls dont lie.
Look in the records of Telephone companies and at MHA. 
Truth will be explained. 
Even the BOSS is not lying .
Thank God that the BOSS is speaking the truth .
I am determined to start the New Year in a very positive note .
I let go of the losses and empty promises .
Because rehabilitation programs work on long term commitments and once promises are made then the disappointment is huge to live with. 
Today we moved out 11 such men of the 35 to one of our existing homes. 
In the next 2 days all 24 will be moved here and there .
Whatever we require of the investment or assets will be taken. 
Rest will be kept back. 
Let the owners use and enjoy the assets which today are no use in our current homes or in case we get another big home. 
We BLESS YOU & prayer for you, your boss, asst boss, all your society members. 
But the sad part is WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK UP any more homeless people in the coming month till we get another big home. 
Fyi, there are close to 80 + abandoned people fully fit to be admitted into a shelter home from so many different health care places where they were brought for treatment but ended up lying there as no one came to take them .
There are people lying say for 5 years to about 10 – 15 years .
Very sad .
But this New Year we will with the Grace of God we will get atlest 80 of these people into our shelter homes. 
Provided we get big homes to use .
In addition to these 80 there are another 
70 + people who can be rehabilitated in the next 3 to 6 months .
Of these first 80+ people, 22 are goan men who have no place , no family or relative ready to look after them .
Then there will be more homeless street people looking for rehabilitation as the pandemic is disturbing alot of poor families, routine and life style .
As we celebrated the birth of Baby Jesus , we need to remember that , baby Jesus was born in a stable and died on a cross doing ONLY GOOD.
No property, assets nothing in his name .
We forget we come with nothing and go with nothing but only our good deeds matter. 
We at Street PROVIDENCE are UNABLE to own our own home as we just cant raise crores of Rupees .
I never started Street Providence to own property. 
We started a trust to help homeless people without owning any property. 
It ran successfully for 3 years and it will run the same way in the future. 
Property is not important to us as of today. 
There is so much of unused big homes owned by private people and SOCITIES in Goa which can be used to serve the homeless street people. 
If we cannot get a place no problem, we will divert our attention and energy on 👇 these projects : 
☆ Looking after our 100+ destitudes ,
☆ Feeding more people through our MOW 
☆ Providing dry ration to another 500 families ( we are already providing to 500 families), 
☆ Running free clinics across Goa for those in depression, alcohol, etc , 
☆ Providing transportation through our ambulances and cars from rural areas of Goa for poor goan people who can't reach hospitals as they just cant afford it ,
☆ Providing free medication to poor goan families through our medicine bank .
We are even getting ready to install more food bank fridges out of Goa .
But we will not sit quite .
I will over come this setback with GOOD .
Remember David v/s Goliath. 
150 year old Society is instigated to shut down a 3 year old NGO .
And they have taken the bait.
I end with a sense of gratitude to you all benefactors and volunteers for the support over the last 3 years .
11 years back I was homeless, penniless, jobless , hopeless condition. 
But its my determination and multitasking ability, which made me to come back. 
Plus today I have God, my wife , trustees , volunteers, benefactors, well wishers to help me come back and come back strongly .
Keep supporting us .
God bless you all
Once again A VeryHappy New Year 2021 .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848