28.12.2020  5PM  IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA THANKS,  APPI , ( AZIM PREMJI PHILANTHROPIC INITIATIVES ) one of India's biggest philanthropic organisation for supporting our 3 rehabilitation men's home for the next 3 years .
A 20 min video in this link 👇
It's been a long 8 months getting all the paperwork done, and here we are , ” The youngest NGO ever @ only 3 years old , ever to be granted funding under APPI “.
The work has spoken for itself. 
Our accounts and our systems passed the strictest of checks at APPI enabling us to get these grants inspite of being just 3 years old and with only 2 Balance Sheets in hand as the balance sheet for 19 -20 is yet to be finalized. 
That's the level of transparency we maintain @ Street Providence .
It's the transparency and the free flowing operation which had enabled us to run one of Goa's OUT OF THE BOX operations towards eradicating hunger and  homelessness in Goa ,  which caught the eye of those at APPI.
Thanks to Mr John Pinto my brother in law & his wife Mrs Joanita Pinto ( buddy)  who is our trustee and my sister for taking care of all the paperwork in the last 8 months. 
A big thanks to the man who introduced me to APPI,  Fr Edward, President of CRI , Bangalore Archdiocese , who met me just for 1 hour but understood my work.
Today I stand with folded hands and say a big thank you to all these listed below who played a part at some time or the other : 
But 1st To God for the inspiration to run this unique programme of dealing with hunger & homelessness in Goa.
My wife and my kids for cooking these tiffins in the very early stage before we even started the food bank fridges. 
These 3 men would daily distribute the 50 odd tiffins between 2014 to 2017 :
♡ Abdul
♡ Polly
♡ Ram
When we installed the 1st fridge on ,27.5.2017, these were the people or 
Parishioners of Sangolda & Guirim :
♡ Lazarus 
♡ Marcus 
♡ Joe dmello
♡ Late Adv Ian Zuzart 
♡ Mrs Mendonca from Mr Farmer 
♡ John Dsouza 
♡ Jack 
♡ Mathew & conny 
♡ Trevor 
♡ Trevor ( Hdfc bank )
♡ Nicholas 
♡ Marina 
♡ Melina , 
Who stood with me right from 27.5.2017 .
♡ Also Keegan from Assagao who picked up food for the 1st six months 
The 1st six months were the most difficult and I had multiple health issues. 
From 1.6.2017 these were the places where food started coming immediately :
♡ Royal food, Verna
♡ Dr Britto From Fortune hotel, candolim 
♡ Baker Vincent from Creamux bakery 
♡ Deccan Chemicals,  corlim 
Here I thank Sr Muesela & her team from Presentation Convent Margao who did the picking and serving of food for over 5 months non stop around Margao city .
As we started feeding we used to pick and clean people from the streets at various places every saturday like:
☆ New creation Home, 
☆ Multiple seminaries and schools in Bardez
And these 3 people would run this service :
♡ Mario Venancio ( AAP )
♡ Sapnesh Salgaonkar
♡ Anselm Our Ex trustee 
Our 1st home started on 1.12.2017 at porvorim which was given by my 
brother in law, Mr John Pinto 
Soon Our other food bank fridges started from Dec 2017and namely at :
☆ Margao 
☆ Panjim 
☆ St inez 
☆ Old goa
☆ Ponda 
☆ Pilar
And other 30 places. 
☆ Early 2018 Our 2nd home at St Michael Chapel Assnora, started and thanks especially to all the trustees ie Simon, Joaquim , Luis who opened up their doors to the homeless. 
Quickly we got another home in Mapusa and that was due to Liz Pimenta & family and we just went on and on.
We thank in a big way the following :
▪︎Government of Goa ,
▪︎Archbishop of Goa for the support & the Archdiocese of Goa ,
▪︎Fr Maverick from Caritas for catching my hand for over 18 months ,
▪︎Fr Ubaldo for allowing us to run a rehabilitation home at a closed church on Batim hillock ,
▪︎FMCK Congregation who supported us  tremendously & is still supporting us,  headed by Sr Fatima and the Provincial Sr Vandana ,
▪︎Goa Police & the Police Inspectors who without which rehabilitation would have not been that easy,
▪︎Mrs Lynette from Women & Child department,  Panjim 
▪︎SP Sir Serafin Dias who guided me right from june 2017,
▪︎SP Sir Bosco George who introduced me to DIG in 2018,
▪︎Dysp Edwin from Porvorim SDPO & ▪︎Dysp Raut from Panjim SDPO,
▪︎FHIC Congregation headed by Sr Shirley &  her nuns for attempting to work with us and we are sure we will one day , we will set aside our issues aside and work togther,
▪︎Jesuit House Fathers for the night shelter,
▪︎Caterers Associstion of Goa and in a special way Pradosh Amoncar, 
▪︎Commscope @ Verna,
▪︎Navtara group of Restaurants, 
▪︎Deltin Casino,
▪︎Indy Hospitality ,
▪︎Varun Albuquerque , 
▪︎Hotel Radison & Hotel Dona Slyvia.

The list is endless 
Special appreciation to all at APPI :
♡ Thanks to 
Mr Michael Dsouza &
Mr Anthony Dsouza , 
2 goan bureaucrats who in late 2017 helped me with alot of support but quietly. 
♡ To all the benefactors who have stood with me ,  inspite of turbulence that we faced because of the issue at BATIM CHURCH in 2019,  yet choose to send us their blessing. 
Big thanks to those early benefactors from june 2017 till date who sow and bless us monthly without fail .
♡ To our Chartered Account Mrs Neeru & her husband Mr Biom for keeping our accounts always on the right track by being strict and demanding explanation all the time .
♡ To our office assistant Mrs Tanaya ( smally ) for standing with us for the last 3 years inspite of various troubles and issues.
To our Trustees :
♡ Adv Caroline 
♡ Joanita Pinto 
♡ Freddy Mendez 
For supporting me in all and every way .
☆ Big thanks to Lyndon Monteiro , OSD to Power Minister for taking care of all our electricity issues whenever we had issues in all our 8 rehabilitation home. 
☆ A special Thanks to Mrs Jennifer ,  Revenue Minster of Goa , for always listening to our problems and going out of her way to find solutions to everything, whenever required. 
Thanks to Ex Ministers of Goa :
☆ Mr Vijay Sardesai, Mla of Fatorda 
☆ Mr Jayesh Salgaonkar,  Mla of Saligao.
Thanks to these 2 IAS officers:
1. Dr Tariq Thomas,  DMA
2. Mrs R Menaka , Collector North Goa ,
for supporting us through our rehabilitation homes and responding to our requests .
Last but not the least our past & current  VOLUNTEERS namely those : 
who serve food at the hospitals , 
who run MOW ( meals on wheels)
who feed on the streets. 
who run our food bank fridges across Goa.
And these pillars at Street Providence :
( North Goa )
♡ Napolean Fernandes 
♡ Sapnesh Salgaonkar 
(South Goa )
♡ John Baptist 
♡ Orlando Misquita 
You guys are a blessing from God .
Last but not the least to BRO JOHNSON for allowing us to actually start our rehabilitation home in his place at NCH in june 2017 & then issuing us marching orders as he realised that to grow one needs to be in the open World among the poor and hungry. 
Thank God I walked away in Nov 2017 and did not retaliate. 
In fact BJ dropped in and prayed with our family on 14.12.2020,  the day APPI official was doing his final inspection in our homes
Just 3 years and see what THE LORD HAS DONE.
I had numerous set backs,  threats , complaints at police stations,  good volunteers left me , donations dwindled at times, arrest seemed imminent,  lost my health,  various problems. 
But its THE FAVOUR OF GOD, that i passed the trials and the tribulations and challenges.
Just 3 years old and such a big Grant from Indias biggest philanthropic organisation is not a small achievement. 
To you benefactors GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR SEED and be rest assured your donations have been planted properly for which you can see fruits.
For the doubting Thomas & few disgruntled elements, sorry you can never ever spoil my name or my integrity , especially where accounts & money is concerned. 
God bless you all and keep supporting us.

Donald Fernandes