5.11.2020 6 PM IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA presents today our Womans Home for the homeless and the abandoned at Saligao. ( Sanjoe Niwas ).
A home run by Street Providence & supported by FMCK nuns who are the care givers. 
A small and compact home is how I can describe this place.
Its over 2 years that the home is providing shelter to woman abandoned on the streets of Goa.
Almost all the woman in this home have been routed and admitted by Goa Police .
♡ Thanks to the Provincial of FMCK , 
Sr Vandana for the support and initiative of opening up this home for the homeless and allowing a lay organisation like us to use their premises for a genuine purpose 
♡ Thanks to the local Superior, Sr Esmeralda of Sanjoe Niwas & her team of Nuns including a full time nurse who are doing a fantastic job of looking after these abandoned women. 
Not an easy job at times. 
Hospital trips are the biggest challenges. 
This home Is almost full and no new admission can be allowed any more. 
Max if Sr Esmeralda permits we can admitt 2 more ie 12 ladies which I will be happy with .
Home has 5 goan ladies and 5 non goan ladies. 
Home is well equipped with all facilities and gadgets .
This home is only in need of a :
☆ Television &
☆ Microwave 
At the moment Nothing else is required. 
♡ Thanks to Lorrain from Saligao who daily provides fresh breakfast and the entire Sunday meals .
Rest of the week , we get meals from NAVTARA group of Restaurants, under the coupon scheme ” Pay It Forward “.
So next time you eat a meal at Navtara , purchase 1 coupon & drop it please in the box and be re assured that your blessing is going to right place .
Our 2nd woman home for homeless & abandoned street woman at Guirim is almost ready and should be operational in a few weeks from now .
That's for another post .
Attached a picture of the beautiful ladies in this home who are given the best that we can offer .
This home at Saligao will always require:
☆ Single Bedsheets 
☆ Towels 
☆ Nighties 
☆ Ladies under garments 
Other type of clothing not required so please dont even ask .
Imagine how many such more ladies are out there, lost , lonely, waiting for eternity, harassed, mocked, taunted , stoned , beaten and hounded all the time .
That's the reason God inspired us to start another home at Guirim for those other homeless street woman still on the streets of Goa plus those ladies who are completely immobile and are on the bed.
Your donations, blessing , contributions make us go beyond our expectations. 
Support us in whatever may you wish.
We offer you income tax exemptions on all your donations under section 80G.
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848