6.11.2020 7 pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA wishes Sr Velangini Mary a safe and pleasant journey on her transfer from Goa .
Sr Velangini Mary a well seen face at JMJ Hospital Porvorim Bardez Goa for those who are aware of this hospital is a professional nurse and was the de facto boss at JMJ Hospital.
I personally as part of Street Providence have alot to thank her on behalf of our homeless street people in our homes. 
Sr Velangini Mary has always gone out of her way to accommodate our homeless people in many many ways .
Especially our woman home has felt her kindness and generosity. 
Be it sending their nurses to our woman home for blood test or any other test free of cost at short notice .
Be it discounts on the Bill's.
Be it credit facility.
Be it cheque payment.
Be it deferred payment. 
Never once did the hospital ever call us to pay the Bill's .
Sr Velangini Mary has always said Yes .
Infact during the Covid 19 lockdown, 
Sr Velangini Mary allowed us to admit a homeless lady at JMJ HOSPITAL when a couple of others refused due to the COVID.
But that is what a nurse is bound by .
Service to the poor , needy and homeless. 
We @ Street PROVIDENCE will miss 
Sr Velangini Mary and her generosity and we wish her a Safe Journey to her new work place where she is transferred. 
It took me many days to get a smiling picture of Sr Velangini Mary .
If any one came across Sr Velangini Mary appearance in JMJ hospital , one must have felt her strict nature .
But below that strict look , I can vouch for humanity and consideration to the poorest of the poor .
Especially during the 2018 flood relief for Kerala , Sr Velangini Mary supported our drive by allowing her hospital to officially collect medicines for the relief work.
Again during the COVID 19 lockdown, 
Sr Velangini Mary was generous and donated a big cheque to our NGO which left me wondering how such strict nun, yet can think about the hungry and homeless. 
Inspite of my high hardness nature and undiplomatic approach , i have come across many such nuns from different congregations who have supported our projects both in the form of donations through cheques and through kind. 
Sr Velangini Mary is one of these NUNS who has made me change my thinking & my approach of being a GIVER & a SOWER.
I will surely feel the absence of Sr Velangini Mary at JMJ Hospital , but I am assured in my mind that the facility and benefits we we receiving through JMJ hospital will still be continued. 
The most difficult part in any NGO which runs free rehabilitation homes is ” hospital trips and hospitalization “.
The bills are enough to rip you and your pocket apart. 
I dread the thought whenever any one falls sick and we need to admitt into a hospital. 
Homeless street people and hospitals are 2 parts of the same coin.
Let's all who have come across 
Sr Velangini Mary at JMJ HOSPITAL pray for her good health and long life, to carry on doing good for the poorest of the poor in her new posting .
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848