7.11.2020 7 pm IST

STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA provides rehabilitation to this abandoned, partially blind lady whose name we dont know, who has been sitting right outside the hospital on a payment for over 7 days ( so we will call her Shanti from today .)
Picture attached. 
♡ Thanks to Adv Vijayta who works with Adv Caroline who spotted this lady and tried a lot to help her .
It looks like the abandoned frightened lady is partially blind and that has increased her isolation more .
♡ Big thanks to Mapusa Police personnel who broke their heads in trying to get this lady off the streets as well as getting her to speak something as well as getting her to do the swab test for COVID 19.
Police admitted her into our home with an NOC and the name is not mentioned. 
♡ Thanks to Josephine from Amazing Grace Guirim who has volunteered to shelter Shanti on our behalf till we can shift her to our home .
Our SALIGAO home is already full and the Guirim home will take time to be operational .
Cant imagine how for over 7 days she sat on that footpath day and night with a bedsheet over her head .
Was taken today to Vision hospital Mapusa but lady refused to co operate and infact covered her face with the mask. 
So Monday we will examine her with a psychiatric Doctor. 
Very frustrating and tiring to deal with such cases.
Not sure how we are going to deal with Shanti as she justs groans and moans and does answer a word nor speak a word.
Must be surely traumatized with her rejection .
Incase any one recognizes her let us know .
Attached a picture of her before we found her and after we accepted her into the home .
Sad to see such innocent ladies left on the streets to fend for themselves during this pandemic. 
Looking for lady caregivers who can offer their time and effort to tend to such homeless woman .
If you have it in you to love and care for homeless street woman than its time to start .
If you have lost your job or are just unable to get a break through then give your time may be even for 1 month towards these homeless people in our woman home. 
But its 24 × 7. 
No leaving the home as such woman require constant care and attention.
You can attempt to look after such homeless ladies just for 1 month in our woman home .
You and your family will be blessed abundantly. 
We will reimburse you with a stipend and all facilities will be provided to you .
Homeless people are always related to hospitals and endless hospitals trips .
Due to COVID all the more we need to be careful .
Government hospitals ruled out so we need to get them to private hospitals. 
Costs keep rising but that does not stop us from looking after such people. 
Your donations, blessing , contributions make us go beyond our expectations. 
Support us in whatever may you wish.
We offer you income tax exemptions on all your donations under section 80G.

Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848