4.11.2020 7pm IST
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA has started a new project called ( MOW ) MEALS ON WHEELS in Panjim & Mapusa.
Margao starting soon .
A detailed brief how we run our food bank daily across Goa .
We are already feeding breakfast daily outside the 3 major hospital of Goa at :
☆ District hospital Mapusa 
☆ District hospital margao. 
We discovered that alot of poor homeless hungry people are still on the streets .
So what is MOW ?
Our volunteers ( who are heavily insured for COVID ) use their own bikes and carry freshly cooked food in food grade plastic containers. 
Every afternoon at 1 pm they leave from porvorim and one moves to 
District hospital mapusa &
Other to the streets of Panjim 
Then again at 7 pm again they move from porvorim and one moves to 
Taxi stand mapusa 
Other back to the streets of Panjim
By using bikes the area can be covered easily and by lanes can be explored. 
MOW in Margao is taking a little extra time.
What do we serve?
☆ 1.For breakfast :
▪︎One day paratha and boiled egg or 
▪︎Next day paratha and banana .
☆ 2. For MOW
▪︎One day vegetable pulao 
▪︎One day Jeera Rice & pickle 
▪︎One day plain rice and veg curry. 
Costing is a big issue hence we have this simple menu. 
As of now :
◇ Breakfast is about 300 pax in total across 3 cities. 
MOW is about 50 pax per time per city .
Once we all settle down then :
Breakfast lunch dinner across all 3 cities 
should be close to 1000 pax a day fresh cooked food and the pax will increase .
The costing per pax is RS 15 including delivery cost and petrol is rs 80 Approx.
Besides MOW project , we have also to feed :
☆ A. 100 pax per meal * 3 meals, to our own rehabilitation homes for the homeless street people who we look after in our homes. 
☆ B. Another 400 kgs approx of food which we pick daily and redistribute to our active food bank fridges and other shelter homes from factories, bakeries , etc . 
Alot of continuous coordination and checking of food for us at the food bank in all food related projects .
We require your support to run these food bank programmes 
You can contribute :
☆ Rice sacks 
☆ Oil pkts
☆ Salt pkts
☆ Fresh Carrots 
☆ Frozen green peas pkts 
☆ Vatana
☆ Prepaid Petrol vouchers 
You can also sponspor the breakfast or the MOW for a day if its your :
♡ Birthday 
♡ Wedding anniversary 
♡ Death anniversary of a loved one 
♡ Any special intention 
♡ Etc.
All your donations are accepted in CHEQUE or NEFT .
No cash donation. 
We offer you 80G tax exemption certificate on all your donations. 
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848