22.10.2020 6pm IST
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA today feeds 3000 pkts of pre cooked meals within 3 hours right across Goa to the poor.
Attached a sheet of the movement of meals and a couple of pictures. 
Big big thanks to :
♡ 1. Our Heavenly Father for the clear weather inspite of a very disturbing forecast yesterday evening. 
♡ 2. A family from Sinqierim whose grandchildren paid the entire bill in Thanksgiving on their grandmother death anniversary today.
♡ 3. The staff of Navtara who held their nerves against all odds and got these 3000 meals ready by 11.30am inspite of regular business at all their 6 outlets. 
♡ 4. To all COURAGEOUS VOLUNTEERs who gave their time, took the risk and spent their own fuel to move these 3000 pkts.
Actually we moved 2900 pkts today and 100 are going tomorrow as one of our volunteers who is a retired professor had a class today and with due respect to him , we allowed him to serve the 100 pkts tomorrow. 
For me it's making the volunteer happy and respect his intentions, not the achievement. 
We distributed food across entire Goa to :
☆ 1. HIV infected people & families 601             pkt
☆ 2. Old aged homes 370 pkts
☆ 3. Our food banks 500 pkts at :
         Velim , San jose de areal , Old Goa
☆ 4. Street and deserving people 429                  pkts at :Nagoa , Mapusa                               ,Curchoren, Savordem;
          Margao, Panjim
☆ 5. John and his 10 member team 1000 pkt who covered Salcette & Quepem.
Thanks to all donated , we have about 1000 meals money which will be used for NOVEMBER 2020 when we attempt to FEED 6000 MEALS in 4 hours flat .
It's all team work and Gods Favour .
Thanks to Navtaras concept of 
” Pay it forward coupons system ” , we are able to run these food bank feeding programs .
Quite a many meals went to people who used to get food daily from our food bank fridges which were running till 20.3.2020.
The lockdown took away alot of that food which used to come to our various food bank fridges. 
We are standing with these poor people and re assuring them that once the Covid subsides and business is back our food bank fridges will be back on track .
You too can play your part.
Celebrate your :
♡ Wedding anniversary 
♡ Birthday 
♡ Death anniversary 
♡ Special moments 
In feeding a warm cooked prepacked meal to a needy or elderly person. 
In November 2020 , 6000 meals are going to be served and we require to test NAVTARA and their staff again .
Today In 2 outlets of Navtara , ie Malbhat & Ktc Margao , each outlet had to deliver 1000 pkts each and i was told today by Aditya the owner that they never ever did 1000 pkts meals in 1 day in any outlet. 
I also need to drive and motivate all our active volunteers to do that 6000 meals in 4 hours for November 2020.
Supoort us in whatever way you can .
We accept donations only by Cheque / NEFT along with your pan card copy .
We offer you 80G EXEMPTIONS on all your donations. 
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848