21.10.2020 7pm IST
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA is excited and favoured today and tomorrow for these reasons :
♡ 1. Today is our trustee Adv Caroline birthday. 

♡ 2. Today we are inaugurating another food bank fridge at Panjim @ Piedade Institute. 

♡ 3. Tomorrow we are attempting to feed 3000 per packed cooked meals across Goa within 3 hours flat .
☆ 1. Adv Caroline our trustee, celebrates her birthday today and we decided to do something special and we got her to cut the ribbon of a food bank fridge which we are starting at Panjim @ Pieade Institute .
Adv Caroline has been a wonderful support inspite of her hectic schedule both as an high court advocate as well as an activist fighting for multiple issues especially for the poor and the environment. 
☆ 2. We today inaugurate our food bank fridges at PIEDADE Institute @ panjim which is run by FMCK sisters headed by Sr Elizaberth.
Thanks to Sapnesh and his team for all the preparations to get this fridge running .
Located in the heart of the city , this fridge will be open between 8 am to 7 pm incase any one wants to drop food. 
The sisters of FMCK who reside at Piedade institute have and are identifying families where this food will be given in bulk. 
Few days back in panjim, Rinton Dsouza with his friends Amogh Fulari & Anees Shaikh started a similar fridge at SHAMSUDIN & CO , a store owned by Anees Shaik, near the panjim church and that makes us all understand that hunger can be fought by all reaching out through such fridges. 
Requesting more youngsters to install such fridges in different cities of Goa as food bank concept is not any ones patent .
Any one can install and run a food bank fridge. 
You, your family, friends will be blessed abundantly if you can feed the poor and the hungry especially now during the COVID. 
FMCK Congregation as a Society have been running 3 fridges of ours for the last couple of years 
One at Old Goa which works 24 * 7 and did not shut down even during the lockdown. 
The nuns at Old Goa are committed to feeding alot of goan poor families who are given food everyday. 
One at Pombpurpa took at break from march till sept due to the lockdown but otherwise this fridge provides food over the last few years to alot of poor migrant families in that area .
Cavelossim fridge we shut down at the FMCK home as most of the nuns there were senior citizens and we already lost a couple of our food bank volunteers from other food bank fridges due to COVID. 
Most of our food bank volunteers are senior citizens and from march 2020 we are not putting any pressure on those food bank volunteers to feed as the risk is too high .
Street Providence and FMCK under the leadership of the Provincial, Sr Vandana , are also running a home for homeless street woman in Saligao .
It's good to have some one who understands both hunger and homelessness and it's even more special when a religious congregation works and adjusts with lay common people like us .
Always great to have a COMPASSIONATE & UNDERSTANDING PROVINCIAL like Sr Vandana .
One of our mens home for homeless street men is also in a home owned by FMCK but run by our care givers at cavelossim. 
☆ 3. Tomorrow we are attempting to distribute and feed 3000 people a pkt of pre cooked food within flat 3 hours and its possible only due to VOLUNTEERS .
These all 3000 pkts will be from Navtara group of Restaurants and will be taken by our volunteers from all their outlets at the same time .
Last month we did 1560 pkts of food in flat 2 hours again all from NAVTARA
This time thanking God that the weather holds up and the meals can move quickly so as to reach the people 

These food pkts are being given to :
▪︎Old aged homes, 
▪︎Marginalized section of our goan                 people, 
▪︎600 meal to HIV infected people &               families,
▪︎Street people,
▪︎People who were getting food through       our food banks earlier .
We at the food bank don't only feed the hungry, but we also pick and accept homeless street people from the streets through Goa Police Only and these people both ladies and gents are housed in our homes. 
We provide them 3 meals, clothes , medication and free full time rehabilitation.
In November 2020 we will be attempting to feed 6000 meals in 4 hours across Goa .
We have already received for the month of November 1000 meals donation .
This program of feeding meals to HIV infected families and marginalized sections of society is a perfect opportunity for those wishing to celebrate their :
☆ Wedding anniversary ,
☆ Death anniversary ,
☆ Special moments ,
☆ Functions .
We are totally depending only on donations. 
Your support is extremely important to Street Providence to do what best we are called to do .
Support us in any way you wish .
Especially if you are a nurse or a doctor either from North Goa or South Goa as we have homes in both North & South and we rescue people from the streets all over Goa.
We accept donations though cheque/ NEFT 
We offer 80 G exemptions on all your donations along with your pan card copy.
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848