20.10.2020  10am IST
NGOs are usually registered under 2 sections:
Society &
If you are running any shelter home for people / human beings  then we all can work together, even if you are yet to be registered but you will need to be registered.
In these difficult COVID pandemic times, STREET PROVIDENCE calls upon all NGO’s in Goa to come together as One Entity to help :
☆ The homeless/ Destitute men and               women,  
☆ Street children, 
☆ Single parent with children, 
☆ unwed mothers, 
☆ uncared for senior citizens, 
☆ The marginalized and the vulnerable           groups of society. 
☆ HIV infected homeless people .
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST , GOA as the umbrella organization invites all NGOs to join us on the whatsapp group to be formed where the interest of all member NGOs will be looked into.  
Just 1 member from each Society / Trust will be added to this WhatsApp group .
This member can then report back to the your parent Society / Trust and be the link between the WhatsApp group.
STREET PROVIDENCE on its part will help all the member organizations.
ADVANTAGES of working under one umbrella are as follows:
▪︎1. To improve performance and enhance the positive impact.
▪︎2. To eliminate duplicate efforts by NGO’s.
▪︎3. Optimum utilization of scattered and limited funds / resources.
▪︎4. Since many NGOs are small and dispersed, networking is a cost-effective means of sharing information and spreading knowledge about grassroots’ needs, solutions and best practices.
▪︎5. Strengthen NGO’s ability to speak with one voice and to significantly increase their impact as policy negotiators and advocating agencies.
▪︎6. Every NGO has its own specialized man-power / expertise to handle situations.  This expertise can be shared for the mutual benefit of all members.
▪︎7. Almost all NGO’s have a good rapport with various Government Departments and other Offices. This goodwill could be utilized to help other members. 
▪︎8. Information regarding Government schemes available could be exchanged and procedures for applying for same could be shared for mutual benefit.
▪︎9. A ready reckoner of each individual NGO’s services would help other member organizations to know and recommend when their services are needed.
▪︎10. Resources or excess items can be shared. – Example – An organization owning an ambulance can lend it to member organization for their use. 
▪︎11. Programs could be jointly organized thereby reducing need for manpower and  resources.
▪︎12. Genuinely needed funds / resources like food, medicines, clothes, groceries etc could be organized through joint efforts and by sharing.
To sum it up, a very cordial relationship will be maintained to ensure every member NGO will receive all the help needed to run their programmes to the optimum.
The Success of this “super network” can only be achieved if all member NGO’s are : willing to be honest, 
straight forward, 
to tolerate differences and 
to work for consensus on key points.
Every NGO will be required to rehabilitate a minimum of ONE homeless man/woman/child/unwed mother every month depending on its mission. 
Support whether monetary or otherwise will be provided where ever possible to help in caring for these new admissions. 
We want NGOs to look after just 1 homeless person for which you will be reimbursed a very basic amount .
The main aim here is to provide a HOME to each and every HOMELESS man/ woman/child/unwed mother.
If any NGO is interested in being a part of this, kindly share your NGO details with me on my whatsapp number to 8380097564. 
A whatsapp group will be formed and all information will be posted there.
Since we are offering rehabilitation free of cost to the homeless which otherwise should have been done by the State , we will request the CM to appoint : 
☆ 1. A senior police official of the rank of Dysp and above to assist in police matters. 
☆ 2. A senior Doctor of the rank of HOD/ MS to assist us in medical admission if need arises for treatment and hospitalization of these homeless people. 
☆ 3. A person from the Revenue dept to assist in documentation and obtaining legal documents for these homeless people. 
☆ 4. A nodal officer to assist this group In case there are any other issues. 
Since we as NGOs are doing  the work which the State is suppose to do , by offering free rehabilitation for the poorest of the poor , this umbrella can be the link between the State and us as NGOs.
After all there is nothing to loose in trying something new .
Am not sure if there is any ASSOCIATION OF NGOs like they have for shacks, hotels, etc.
If not then its time we have an  ASSOCIATION of NGOs.
You can forward this messages to those running :
♡ Old aged homes 
♡ Shelter homes
♡ Children homes 
♡ Etc.
There are more than 300+  homes in Goa,  majority providing paid shelter and care.
If these 300 + homes, volunteer to accept just 1 homeless person per time we can eradicate homelessness in Goa and this model can successfully across India and in all major cities .
A little food , a single bed , a small sacrifice in accepting just 1 homeless person will surely bring a 100 fold to your NGO and your family. 
Besides once that homeless person rejuvenates and Is back on his feet , you as the NGO can utilise that person in your home to assist your NGO.
Covid is the time to open up and reach out to the poorest of the poor.
Please all queries and communications if needed strictly through whatsapp only on 8380097564.
No calling please 
Please read the message again and again incase you did not understand in the 1st reading. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848