25.10.2020 11am IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA presents you in this post a day spent by our homeless men.
Attached A video of just 3 min, which will speak it all.
The men are all found on the streets of Goa.
The house infrastructure is very basic. 
A couple of men are not in a proper frame of mind being long time on the streets, in hunger and stress and as a result they have no control over their bowels movement. 
This makes the Care givers job very challenging. 
A visit to our homes will move tears in your eyes just looking at these men and understanding their past .
But we carry on service as that's the calling .
We now have a full time young ( girl ) nurse supervising, treating and caring for these men in all our homes along with our Trustee and volunteers .
We struggle at times to provide food clothing shelter and rehabilitation. 
We have many staff like drivers, the nurse , managers, whose salaries and other daily expenses, like mounting fuel bills which need to be paid monthly .
Expenses mount, but MY GOD supplies all our needs through people like you reading this post . 
Do you feel that urge that God is talking to you and inspiring you to be a blessing to the homeless. 
And this is just 1 set of daily activity with these volunteers and care givers as seen in the video in just 1 home.
We have various sets of volunteers, activities, expenses going on daily, like :
1. Free daily breakfast outside all major Government hospitals in GOA by 1 set of volunteers In Mapusa , Bambolim , Margao.

2. Another set of drivers & volunteers daily collect excess fresh food from various restaurants, hotels, bakeries and move it to various food bank fridges across Goa where the poor are given a decent meal as well as to all our 8 homes to feed all our 100+ homeless people. 

3. Another set of volunteers are practically daily taking our sick people from our homes to various doctors and hospitals. 

4. Another set of volunteers distribute dry ration every month to 250 HIV infected families which is provided by us and getting this organized both financially and physically is very time consuming. 

5. One set of volunteers take care of all paper work, admissions and medical requirements and follow up on the sick in our homes. 

6. In between there is constant request for food , medical equipment, medicines, dry ration etc from different parts of Goa which 1 set of volunteers work on.
Support our work through DONATEKART, an online site to raise resources for groceries for the above running projects. 
For as little as Rs 640 a grocery kit, you can donate , be blessed as well as get 80G income tax exemption.
Open this link and hear the 80 sec video 👇
Support street PROVIDENCE in any way you can .
We accept your donations only through cheque / NEFT along with your pan card copy .
We offer you 80G income tax EXEMPTIONS on your donations. 
Never ever give any donation or money to any one who approaches you in our name .
Always remember our WhatsApp messages are also uploaded on our following social media pages below 👇
Twitter : @streetproviden1
This is how you can be sure that no one can con you or fool you for donations in our name. 
As usual we operate only through WhatsApp on 8380097564.
No calling please.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848