A birthday boy & a homeless man on the streets 
28.9.2020 2pm IST
A man of simplicity and yet a tough man to deal with .
Very easy to get along with and no hidden agenda and EGO.
Handles all the PR @ STREET PROVIDENCE .
Deals with the authorities, benefactors , volunteers, care givers , inmates, trustees , everybody and all.
Never gets angry and never loses his cool.
Also not some one to back stab any one nor does he work with hidden agenda. 
Wants to serve the poor while still holding his job.
Not interested in starting his own NGO but rather ready to work for the poorest of the poor .
( lots of people come to me saying they want to serve the poor but intentions are to learn how to make money without accountability. Then they try to create an impression by going to my benefactors and convincing them to start a new NGO and perform better than Street PROVIDENCE to the extent they even abandon their own families and try to tie me up in accusations, litigations and cases. )
Sapnesh clearly follows my principle of TEAM WORK & understands to grow an NGO we must depend on VOLUNTEERS .
He is never demanding or autocratic at STREET PROVIDENCE but knows how to solve the daily numerous issues which at times are beyond my patience .
Sapnesh is a complete family man who when not at work will be at home with his family .
Has been with me for the last 5 years but taken complete control of all operations @ Street Providence from Febraury 2020 .
Today inspite of he celebrating his birthday, yet he comes to office and directly responds to a call where by a homeless man gets off the streets and into our home.
Now most of us might want to spend celebrating a birthday with friends and family .
I mean who would want to get involved with a homeless man .
That too who is unclean and in this Covid.
This homeless man Mr DEEPAK MEHERA, has been around GMC for over 1 month. 
Fr Richard from Don Bosco Tuem 15 days back got the 108 to help him but after a day he was back on the streets. 
Received various pictures and videos from people asking to rehab him.
Attached 4 small videos. 
Please watch if you can stand the dirt and pain. 
But whenever we went he was not in the location. 
2 days back our food volunteer who serves breakfast at GMC, Prof Pai , took the respontibily of locating him and tracked him.
Our team consisting of :
♡ A professional nurse 
♡ A caregiver 
♡ A supervisor 
goes professionally to get him off the streets. 
The nurse checks all his parameters and realise that he is paralyzed and undernourished. 
His one side is paralyzed and is unclean. 
Our care giver cleans him, washes him and puts new clothes and he is taken to our margao home where he will be isolated for 14 days .
Sapnesh surely must be satisfied celebrating his birthday today by getting this man off the street. 
Can we get more such Sapnesh like thinking who can also come forward and get help to such men who are homeless and in desperate state to get off the streets?
Or is our special moments only about the food and entertainment and fun ?
Remember getting any homeless person off the streets in today's time means spending on treatment, medication, hospital trips, fuel , etc .
We are totally depending only on donations. 
Your support is extremely important to Street Providence to do what best we are called to do .
Support us in any way you wish .
Especially if you are a nurse or a doctor either from North Goa or South Goa as we have homes in both North & South and we rescue people from the streets all over Goa.
We accept donations though cheque/ NEFT 
We offer 80 G exemptions on all your donations along with your pan card copy.
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848