29.9.2020 7.30pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA, feeds over 1500 + meals across Goa in flat 90 minutes.

☆ 1. Today it's my birthday and I am                    blessed to have Michael as my                    second name, 
☆ 2. We fed 1500 meals across Goa &
☆ 3. We rescued a desperate goan man             from the streets outside a hospital              in a very sad state .
I will write today only about the 1st two .
Tomorrow about the goan man.
I grew 1 year older today both in age and wisdom. 
I Thank God for good health and peace of mind .
I thank my wife for all the support in my life and for keeping me in good health by monitoring each and every step of mine starting with my diet.
My kids who are my biggest stress busters.
A big thanks to my sister Joanita for everything which can't be put down. 
Running Street PROVIDENCE is purely the favour of God as we just go on and on in our work with HIS strength. 
Everything is from the LORD .
Today we fed 1500+ pre cooked food packets across the length and breadth of Goa.
All thanks to these collaborators :
♡ Udant NGO
♡ Zindagi NGO 
♡ Presentation Society 
And their supporters and staff.
These 3 NGO distributed 600 pkts food to 250 hiv + people and their immediate family.
Thanks to NAVTARA group of restaurants :
☆ Siolim 
☆ Mapusa 
☆ Panjim 
☆ Margao ktc
☆ Margao malbhat 
whose staff got these 1500+ packets ready and out within the stipulated time of 11.30am to 12pm
Hats off to you all at NAVTARA .
Big pat and hug to our VOLUNTEERS who did an amazing job of distributing the other 950+ pkts to old aged homes and to weaker sections of society ie :
♡ Mr Sucor at Siolim 100 pkts 
♡ Mr Napolean at Mapusa 100 pkts
♡ Mr John at Margao 650 pkts 
♡ Mr Akash at Savordem 100 pkts.
♡ Mr Orlando from Benaulim who was            the back up .
A big thanks to the unknown benefactors who dropped the coupons in the boxes at all the outlets of Navtara in the last 2 months. 
To the online benefactors who bought these coupons online .
Without your support we would not have been able to raise these 1500+ meals. 
A special thanks to the family of late HASSAN KARAMI who donated online 400 meals which is 25 % of total meals gone out.
For the months of :
Oct we are going to attempt 3000 meals ,
Nov 6000 meals 
Dec 10000 meals .
All in one day with our volunteers .
You can donate meals and celebrate your :
♡ Wedding anniversary 
♡ Death anniversary of your loved ones 
♡ Birthdays
♡ Special moments. 
Once again thank to all our benefactors for your resources and support to us @ Street Providence over the last 3 years .
A birthday well spent is what I could only dream off.
Once again thank you all for the blessings and the wishes .
Incase you are celebrating your birthday, etc think of the homeless, sick , marginalized, underprivileged, etc .
We can help you to reach out to them.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020324848