30.9.2020 6pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA admits this homeless Goan man in a very pathetic condition yesterday into our home.
Inspite of yesterday being pre occupied, 
I did my 1% commitment by going to see this man in mapusa , who was really very weak and undernourished and by 9pm he reached out home. 
( 3 short videos attached )
99% work done by Miss JENNIFER DSOUZA from Moira who spent the whole day sorting out his paperwork. 
She even drives 80 kms 1 way to drop Abhijit to our home and returned back home by 11pm.
On 28.9.2020 , Miss Jennifer was at the mortuary of DISTRICT HOSPITAL MAPUSA where she observed Mr Abhijit .
She called me and explained the issue .
I told her the procedure .
( Note Jennifer was the same girl who had 1 year before rescued Sidhu , the petrol pump rightful heir from Duler in her own car )
She completed the funeral of her relative on 28th and was back yesterday at District hospital mapusa to rescue Abhijit .
She got the Mapusa police to verify and issue the Noc that Abhijit is homeless. 
A big thanks to the MS of District Hospital Mapusa , Dr Mohandas pednekar , who understood the problem and gave Jennifer the entire Medical Reports of Abhijit and a prescription for future medicines what Abhijit requires to stabilise. 
The MS even wrote a prescription for a COVID test which turned out to be negative. 
Abhijit has been living for the last 45 days in the vicinity of the hospital not sure what he wad expecting and from whom .
A Goan by birth but his own family is no where as he has no family .
Blessings on JENNIFER that inspite of losing her relative yet got inspired to help this goan man Abhijit. 
Abhijit was heavily into Alcohol and lost everything and reached the streets. 
It is a great opportunity for me to be able to go to the streets on my birthday and provide rehabilitation to this goan man .
Usually all rehabilitation and admissions issues are handled by Sapnesh but yesterday he was in south GOA. 
Imagine 45 days in the rain and on the floor with no food bath water and toilet facility .
So weak that he could not stand , leave alone walk. 
Let's join hands in Goa to reach out to such homeless desperate street people. 
Please just dont click pictures and send me but follow the procedure and do your part .
Rest we will take care. 
Remember getting any homeless person off the streets in today's time means spending on treatment, medication, hospital trips, fuel , etc .
We are totally depending only on donations. 
Your support is extremely important to Street Providence to do what best we are called to do .
Support us in any way you wish .
Especially if you are a nurse or a doctor either from North Goa or South Goa .
We accept donations though cheque/ NEFT 
We offer 80 G exemptions on all your donations along with your pan card copy.
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848