18.9.2020 10am IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA shares with you details of the 4th homeless Person rescued with 48 hours from 15.9.2020.
Our new team in our PPE kit consisting :
♡ A full time nurse and 
♡ An attendant and 
♡ A supervisor 
administers 1st aid , 
checks his parameters, 
Confirms with me &
Shifts Mohandas to our home .
Please watch these 3 small videos.
You will know how we are now helping the homeless on the streets. 
This man Mohandas is a keralite and has been stuck in the same place outside Tivim Railway station in a restaurant which is closed, for the last 6 months. 
Leg is swollen and infected with maggots. 
No symptoms of cough, cold ot fever .
According to our knowledge, a few days back 108 attended to his wound but he was back to the same place. 
Before we picked him yesterday, a few locals cleant him and bathed him otherwise its difficult for our nurse to attend to him .
The locals in co ordination with Police personal @ Mapusa Police Station, Mr Franky gets him to our attention.
After all paperwork and checking his parameters, he is admitted into our home. 
Our young nurse did a fantastic job of attending to him with courage and without fear .
( Nurse is not government paid )
Mohandas was just weak and malnourished. 
Mohandas , Right foot infected with maggots , the little toe is almost not there.. 
Might need to be amputated.. 
Mohandas Cannot see in his right eye.. (Might be Pterygium) 
Might Needs opthmalmic reference.
Look at the picture to know his condition at the time of picking him up. 
Once he is stabilised and finishes a few days of quarantine we will start treating him for his leg and his eye .
We @ Street Providence are now geared up to :
Medically examine on the spot 
pick from the street and 
rehabilitate directly into our homes 
All such homeless people, priority men.
Provided they don't require hospitalisation. 
With Government hospitals almost over loaded , with the government ambulances over stretched, alot of homeless are left to fend for themselves. 
We @ Street Providence will surely try to fill the gap .
We require a big big building to rehabilitate so many homeless and desperate to get into a home as once picked up, they requires :
☆ 1. Isolation as a precaution 
☆ 2. If having any contagious sickness            again isolation 
☆ 3. If mentally unsound again isolation. 
☆ 4. Etc.
After all they are humans. 
We also require to buy a 2nd hand ambulance which should be a Eco or an omni.
God has provided us everything required to help another 300 + homeless people :
☆ Excellent system 
☆ Good care givers 
☆ Food 
☆ Vans
☆ Committed Volunteers 
☆ Medicines 
☆ A nurse 
☆ Adding a Doctor shortly 
☆ Homes across Goa 
☆ Great and helpful benefactors 
☆ Support from Goa Police.
But they big dream home to get another 300+ is what we are looking forward too.
Remember getting any homeless person off the streets in today's time means spending on treatment, medication, hospital trips, fuel , etc .
We are totally depending only on donations. 
Your support is extremely important to Street Providence to do what best we are called to do .
Support us in any way you wish .
Especially if you are a nurse or a doctor either from North Goa or South Goa .
We accept donations though cheque/ NEFT 
We offer 80 G exemptions on all your donations along with your pan card copy.
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848