REQUIRE 1000 BEDSHEETS & 500 TOWELS( can be new or 2nd hand )

22.9.2020 2 pm IST
( can be new or 2nd hand )
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA is collecting ( till 30.9.2020 only) for families infected with HIV in Goa under our ASHA project :
1000 bedsheets & 500 towels 
Early this month our associates & volunteers distributed dry ration to 250 families in Goa .
Since most of these families are really poor and underprivileged their living condition is a bit sad .
During the distribution, the associates discovered that these poor families required bedsheets and towels. 
This month we are again going to provide them dry ration along with the bedsheets and towels to 250 families infected with HIV.
You can please donate 1 kit of dry ration kit worth Rs 1000 along with 4 bedsheets and 2 towels. 
One dry ration kit is the following :
☆ 1.Rice 5kg 
☆ 2.Moong 1/2 kg 
☆ 3.Red dal 1kg 
☆ 4.Dates 1/2 kg 
☆ 5.Suger 2kg
☆ 6.White jaggery 1/2 kg
☆ 7.Oil 1 lit 
☆ 8.Tetra pack milk 200ml 10 nos 
☆ 9. Peanuts 1/4 kg 
☆ 10.Chikpies 1/4 kg 
☆ 11.Wheat flower 2kg
☆ 12.Green/ white pies 1/2 kg 
☆ 13.Tiger biscuits 1/4 kg
We also require in bulk the following items 
to be packed in total, in these 250 kits :
☆ 1.Rice 1250 kg .
☆ 2.Moong 125kg.
☆ 3.Red dal 250 kg .
☆ 4.Dates 125kg.
☆ 5.Suger 500kg .
☆ 6.White jaggery 125kg .
☆ 7.Oil 1 lit 250 ltrs
☆ 8.Tetra pack milk 200 ml 500 ltrs
☆ 9. Peanuts 60kg .
☆ 10.Chikpies 60kg.
☆ 11.Wheat flower 500kg.
☆ 12.Green / white peas125kg. 
☆ 13.Tiger biscuits 60kg .
Incase you wish to donate in bulk please let us know .
We offer you 80G exemption certificate on your donation along with your pan card copy .
You can also pay the supplier directly. 
Our drop off points are :
♡ Margao & porvorim 
But only with an appointment as we need to maintain social distancing.
We also can/ might pick bulk ration in sacks / cartoons / boxes either from your home or from the place where you have bought it.
But very difficult to pick individual rations from your door step .
Let's try to adopt every month just 1 family and help them with dry ration kit worth rs 1000 only .
Thanks to the following NGOs in Goa who are directly dealing and co coordinating the ration distribution to these 250 families : 

♡ Zindagi Goa , Mr Mahesh Govekar
♡ Presentation Society , Sr Deepti
♡ Udant , Anita Pereira.
Without their support it would be tough for us to manage alone .
ASHA as this project is known as , is a wonderful opportunity for you all to donate just rs 1000 a month as well as give away your bedsheets & towels. 
Every month we will collect different items which you might want to give away but with your dry ration kit.
Come join in as a benefactor in ASHA .
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848