2.5.2024. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA provided for April 24 :
1425 Pcs / 143  pkts of adult dippers & 
276 Pcs of baby Pampers, to the poorest of the poor in Government hospitals.
STREET PROVIDENCE beginning of April 24 started two new initiatives to feed the hungry & help those in hospitals.
This post is about helping those in hospitals.
We have undertaken to provide free adult diapers and baby Pampers to the poorest of the poor in Government hospitals in Goa.
Under our HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK we employed a full time staff to meet and interact with the poorest of the poor in Government hospitals and daily our Staff approaches these poor goans and after talking with them the adult diapers are given in their hand.
This staff is daily handling all our inmates who are brought from our homes to The hospital for check up and assessment and side by side  interaction continously takes place in hospitals with the poor and downtrodden by our staff.
We can see the poor and helpless in Government hospitals that's why we help 
We started daily with just 5 pkts / 50 pcs of adult diapers but now we are doing 10 pkts / 100 pcs daily .
But the demand is rising .
So how exactly do we manage these costs ?
We'll  since we started collecting factory food in Verna Industrial Estate our food costs in our homes reduced and this money what we save is put towards purchasing of adult diapers and baby Pampers.
This was the reason both these new projects were started togther ie feed the hungry & help those in hospitals.
We started our DIAPERS BANK strictly for this purpose.
Through the collection of diapers in our DIAPERS BANK we provide relief to poor patients in Government hospitals under our HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK and besides diapers & Pampers we also provide powder , assertive aids & medicines incase the poor can't afford to bear the costs. 
Of course we use a huge qty of diapers in our shelter homes for those with disabilities which is quite often donated regularly by a few kind hearted benefactors.
But what pains me the most is when the poor and homeless are admitted into hospitals their physical situation is so terrible that its not possible to write here.
Nothing to blame the hospital or the dept as adult diapers, baby Pampers, Talcum powder , assertive aids are not provided free as its not possible or its not in the manual. 
And that's we where we step in and try , Even if it's just 18 to 20 poor patients who we daily have been helping out in the month of April 2024.
When one has good health it's good to THANK GOD by providing for those who are poor and suffering in so many ways especially in hospitals.
We need to SOW in advance to reap the FRUIT.
Meaning :
There is no point trying to bribe GOD in times of trouble when one's health has deteriorated but keep sowing when one's health is perfect so that before the trouble reaches you the blessings and prayers released by those who you helped gets released back to you spiritually during you difficult time.
We @ HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK see tears, sorrow , pain , disappointment and even death as we interact with many many poor goan patients in Government hospitals and even though it's a small service yet we THANK GOD for the opportunity to bless such poor goans & homeless in this little way that we can.
All data of these patients are recorded and kept in our system and daily 4 pm I am at The Government hospital physically handing over to the staff these adult diapers. 
The staff distributes  depending on the visitors timing. 
We don't click and pictures not do we intend to click pictures as this is not our motive of cheap publicity.
We are here to stand with the poorest of the poor who are mostly suffering from chronic irreversible sickness and these diapers are just a little to provide comfort.
You too can be a part of this HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK. 
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848