4.5.24. 9pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA for the 2nd month in a row reaches out to this poor goan elderly mother of 85+ years and her 60 year old son with mental disabilities from TUEM PERNEM.
Link of our April 24 help to them. 
Mid March 2024 there was a request on social media about an elderly poor goan mother & son were living in poverty 
We immediately responded and provided them resources for their monthly expenses, a kit of dry ration and a new Stove with a cylinder , regulator & gas pipe
Link of our March 24 help to them. 
Again in April 2024 we again provided resources  for their monthly expenses, a dry ration kit and a double bed for the mother & son to sleep on.
The double bed had to be totally dismantled, transported to their home in a rickshaw & then reassembled with our shelter home manpower under the supervision of our Volunteer Mr Arturo Dsouza. 
Their floor is of cow dung and it's going to be monsoon in a few weeks from now.
Usually when such appeals appear on social media of such poor goans in sad state, we all get emotional and charged up and are asking for details to help them which fevour last may be for a day or two.
But we @ Street Providence don't get emotional but go to the actual ground and verify and see how best we can be of help.
We weigh all options and look for PROS & CONS
In this case, we have committed to the elderly mother that we will stand with her till her last breath and provide her monthly her living expenses along with a dry ration kit monthly. 
And in the future, after the demise of the elderly mother , if her son has to rehabilitated we will care for him as long as he lives as he is a person with mental disabilites .
Many many requests daily but it's not possible to help all as we are already overloaded with current issues and on going projects.
Like this elderly lady at TUEM who we have undertaken to help there are 3 such other ladies in similar situations but the parameters to get involved are not conducive to even go & offer help.
We are trying but getting the paperwork right in most cases is bit difficult as we being an NGO need to careful where we put our hands to help.
As an INDIVIDUAL/ LOUD VOICE it's okay to highlight and pull up the authorities and get a few likes & comments and after that no one knows exactly what is the status of one's shouting.
We @ Street Providence and Food Bank & all our other banks are daily interacting with many many poor goans and other people who just have no one to fall back on.
It's an opportunity to bring that smile on one poor goans face by a little support we offer which everyday turns into our spiritual blessings.
This poor Goan elderly mother at TUEM needs her roof repaired for this month of May 24 as rains are around the corner.
If we are able to raise resources we will surely fix this family roof at TUEM in the coming days.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848