20.3.2024. 5pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE reaches out to this poor ethnic very elderly GOAN senior citizen mother & her elderly son suffering from disabilities @ TUEM GOA.⬇️ ( watch the link below)
https://youtu.be/JovDG0RAJEc?si=umIZI-MLEhQ826Heo.   ( we visited them on 18.3.24)
Sunday 17th March, Mr Ramesh Bhovi uploaded a video of this really poor Goan family asking for help from public towards this family.⬇️ ( watch the link below)
https://youtu.be/6jIrUrA4CQg?si=rolx7-TqQHvEbfkQ  ( this was uploaded on 17.3.24 )
Mr Chandrakant Pednekar r/o TUEM , Pernem is the Villager who has been instrumental in helping this elderly mother and her son with their paper work & he together with Ramesh made the video.
Monday 18th March i saw the video and along with Mr Arturo & Mr Joseph reached the home of this elderly mother.
Street Providence immediately handed over a little of something for the month of March and heard their issues and understood how we can help them in the future & we assured that every month we will hand over a substantial amount for their daily living.
20th March our team Handed over :
A new stove & A full gas cylinder,
Utensils ,
Dry ration kit for the month.
Sleeping mats , etc ⬇️ ( watch the link below ) 
The elderly mother only concern is ” once she dies who will care for her elderly son as he is suffering from intellectual disabilities “.
We are committed to take him into our home as and when that situation arises.
We explained to the mother and she understood.
A little electrical works and some pre monsoon repairs need to be done which we will attempt once her elderly daughter visits her early May.
Since we understood their pain, we were able to connect with this elderly mother & her son.
It's these little blessings that we receive along our Journey from this elderly poor goan mother which makes a huge impact.
Being poor is not easy,  but avoiding to help the poor if one can help is not right.
Elderly mother was not expecting much as i am sure many have come, promised and never returned.
But @ Street Providence ” WE DARE TO DREAM “.
We observed that fellow neighbour's around this elderly mother house have been continously helping the elderly mother and her elderly son with disabilities In whatever way they can.
We will be moving across Goa continously reaching out PRIORITY to poor goan ethnic families especially if there are issues of disabilities and helping such families to the best of our financial capacity.
It's time that The State Government gets their machinery moving in villages, targeting help to so many such poor goan people who in today age can't even afford a Gas stove & A cooking cylinder.
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You should watch all 3 links to understand how we work quickly and as a team not 1 man show.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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