16.3.2024. 11am IST 
Honourable Governor of Goa , Shri P.S. Sreedharan Pillai , steps in with a financial assistance, which enables us to keep our women's shelter homes open for a few more days.
♡♡♡ We @ Street Providence thank The Hon Governor of Goa for quickly stepping In and providing much needed financial assistance to our women shelter Homes caring for 60 poor Goan women suffering from chronic mental disabilities. 
While on the other hand , the insensitive WCD officials can't even respect the orders of The CM of Goa who just 4 days ago instructed the department to release our grants – 
》A. One home for 22-23 @ Rs 2500/ lady.
》B. One home for 23-24 @ Rs 5000/ lady.
As of today, it's the Code of Conduct & we are yet to receive our grants which will make us rethink about caring for these 60 poor goan ladies with mental disabilities.
Last fee weeks we have been hitting the streets of Goa, highlighting the utter failure of The WCD officials towards the grants not released in time inspite of our documents being submitted in time.
This protests and agitations must have reached the Ears of The Hon Governor of Goa who 3 days back accepted our application for financial assistance and bang with 3 working days we received The Hon Governor financial assistance.
♡♡♡ Thanks to :
Shri V. Borkar IPS ( ADC to Governor ) &
Shri A.K.Harsha ( Comptroller ) 
These two officials are more of a friend & sympathizer to these poor goans ladies suffering from chronic mental disabilities in our shelter homes,  which enabled us to get this much needed financial assistance ” all within 3 days “.
Hon Governor of Goa has been providing 100 fresh cooked meals to our shelter homes every week for over 16 months now and counting.
Previously about 2 years back, The Hon Governor of Goa had also provided a huge Financial assistance to our NGO.
Recently The Hon Governor birthday was celebrated in one of our Women shelter home by First Lady Adv ( Smt ) i Reetha  Sreedharan , The Governor wife, which was followed up by a visit by 30 ladies from out homes to The Raj Bhavan for a short get together with The First lady.
It just baffles me that The WCD is an :
all women department 
headed by Lady Director whose 
Deputy Director is a lady and 
70% Staff are ladies and 
yet these ladies are like STONE HEARTED that they can't ” See, Hear , Feel & Understand ” how fellow poor goan ladies are suffering while these officials just sit in their chairs dwindling their thumbs.
♡♡♡ Big Thanks To The First Lady Adv ( Smt ) Reetha Sreedharan for all the support and understanding towards our shelter home poor goan women suffering from chronic mental disabilities. 
It speaks volumes of how The Raj Bhavan Goa is hearing the silent cries of the poor goan women suffering from mental disabilities while The WCD department is ignoring the orders of The Hon CM Of GOA.
For the moment we will be keeping the ladies shelter homes open and running as The Hon CM Of Goa is not keen that we shut down the Homes and we respect his sentiments.
But The Hon CM of Goa needs to get his administration to compete with The Hon Governor of Goa who has moved very fast through the Same accounts dept headed by The CM Of Goa who is the finance minister.
Unless I am missing something i am still scratching my head why the 2 grants authorized by The Hon CM of Goa to The WCD department is not yet released to our NGO as of this morning.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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