14.3.2024  8 pm IST 
Recently we admitted a Very poor Goan girl, BSc in Chemistry, highly intelligent but suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia.
Lives in a Home which is slum like situation & her only living Goan parent is also Paranoid Schizophrenia who we will be admitting into our home after treatment at the IPHB.
Both this girl & her parent are patients of IPHB so cross verification can be done to see the truth. Simply I don't write anything 
Director & Deputy Director @ Women & Child Dept, both ladies should hang their heads in Shame.
Many like this girl get admitted into IPHB for few weeks, discharged , go home, don't take medicine , lose their mind, again get admitted into IPHB , same story.
Why ? Because there is just no one to give them their psychiatric medication and no one to even give them proper food & care.
People back home call them all nasty names , make fun of them , ignore them which pushes them into a shell and they go again into depression by just sitting in their Homes crying. 
But crying to whom ? All complicated.
These poor goan ladies want to be normal like you and me but it's just not possible as society looks the other side.
Big time Failure of the Government of Goa as they have no homes for poor goans suffering from mental disabilities to care for them.
Our homes are the only Shelter homes across Goa but it's a total SHAM that all departments should be pulled up for not releasing our grants when we are struggling to take in each and every one who needs that hand.
All departments are sleeping like :
☆ 1.Women & child dept 
☆ 2.Social Welfare dept & now a new one 
☆ 3.Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities.
How are they sleeping?
Because they know that homes are required but still they just don't provide in the budget money to pay NGOs like us who do the dirty work of the Government.
Simply i am not shouting and getting upset.
I can produce a list of 100 such poor goan ladies living in FREAKING pathetic conditions and no help at all.
Where and how does girls & ladies like this get help to live in dignity ?
Our Hon Prime Minister should look into this and hold all these officials responsible.
Simply declaring schemes for the ladies in Delhi is no use , it's not reaching Goa at all.
I have a ready list of all such schemes which are declared , advertised and publicity is given but in reality ” ZERO”.
There is one central government scheme called E – Anudan ( look up pls )
This scheme is for 20 psychiatric patients & it provides Rs 88000 a year to an NGO to employ a Psychiatrist to come these patients twice a week.
In reality it's like this :
》Rs 88000 / 12 months = Rs 7333 / month

》Rs 7333 / 20 patients = Rs 366 per patient.
Will Any Psychiatrist ever visit a home in his car and his petrol for Rs 366 a patient.
And guess what NGO who applies for this grant will never ever be sure to get this money even after 2 years of submitting all the bills.
These schemes are freaking outdated but yet Government of India is advertising and pushing us to apply.
Absolutely total carelessness & insensitive approach to poor goan ladies suffering from mental disabilities due to poverty and pushed into a corner by all the Government departments.
This ignorance and looking the other side approach has to stop.
Girls & ladies are suffering from disabilities both mental & intellectual big time and its increasing daily in Goa and the only solution is shelter Homes.
We are currently holding 63 ladies in our 6  homes of which 55 are local goans and 56 are on psychiatric medication with a valid IPHB prescription.
Also we have another 29 more Poor Goan ladies either already admitted in IPHB or taking treatment at IPHB who are to be admitted into our homes.
By June 2024 end we estimate to have under our care 100 poor goan psychiatric ladies in our homes but where is the Government funding?
Most of these psychiatric goan ladies will never ever recover to lead a normal life and their sickness is so intense that their end  will be in a shelter home due to psychiatric medication.
Or they will be living on streets like vagabonds either to be condemned and made fun of by the public or they will be exploited again and again till they commit suicide or are mutilated.
I am running out of patience and it's very irritating to see how The Government is just not listening to the SILENT cries of these poor goan ladies. 
We need funds through your donations and also if possible from companies under CSR as we have all valid documents to provide those who give donations under CSR.
We need to do the little we can to bring smiles and to infuse new life into our own poor Goans ladies who just have no place to go.
Togther we can do it .
All queries strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 

Note : nothing personal to any government officials or minister , but its sad to see how innocent lives are lost.