1.2.23. 7pm IST
Sir Sanjit Rodrigues, ( IAS ) Secretary, Factory & Boilers & Shri Anant Pangam, Chief Inspector of Factory & Boilers, Altinho roll up their sleeves and gets into arranging fresh factory extra cooked food for the poorest of the poor in Goa.
This Goan duo ( Secretary & Chief Inspector) puts their weight behind a project where hundreds if not thousands of kgs of cooked food, which was daily gets wasted, but now will reach poor people in villages in Goa.
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA  GOA is installing 9 food bank fridges in canteens of the biggest factories in Goa @ Verna & 1 in the Canteen contractor kitchen at Verna to accept all excess Canteen food cooked daily for the employees of these 10 factories.
All these 10 factories are MNCs with a few of them having their HQs out of India.
Cipla.    Lupin.         Commscope.
IFB.       Siemens.    Marksons.
Teva.     Sanofi.        Microlabs.     Watson.
For these 10 big factories to allow our small NGO to install a food bank fridge in their premises is a huge huge achievement for us as those who work in Big companies will understand how strict SOPs are and above all its cooked food.
But that's how this dynamic duo of Sir Sanjit & Shri Pangam found out a solution to this one of a kind project across India which will hence forth be used as a model across other states.
This is just the start , we have plans to put such fridges across another 50 such big factories within the next 3 months with the support of Factories and Boilers department .
Through this model :
》Cooked food is fed to the poor,
》Wet waste is reduced,
》Companies will get poor people blessing,
》Hunger issues are addressed. 
Our Food Bank is the only registered bank In Goa and at any point of time we have a capacity to accept upto 4000 kgs of food per night.
Two years back , 1.2.22, we installed our 1st food bank fridge at Quepem police station and today we have 11 such fridges in Police stations in Goa and today 1.2.24 we are installing 10 food fridges in factories.
Across India, we are the only NGO having installed fridges in Police stations and now in Factories, both in the state of Goa.
A chance meeting with Sir Sanjit about a year back outside his office, where I shared this proposal got the WHOLE HEARTED attention of Sanjit Sir.
Usually most of us must be thinking that IAS officers are proud and only take instructions from politicians and will not go beyond their call of duty.
I too had the same notion till I started my NGO in 2017.
But it's all in one thinking ” if you are positive and persistent then the result is positive, if you are negative then you stand to lose “.
Sir Sanjit went completely out of his comfort zone and got his Chief Inspector, Shri Anant along to address the issue of feeding the hungry.
Well this project took a long time to materialize as convincing Plant Heads of these big companies is very very complicated and frustrating but TRY & TRY and SUCCESS will FOLLOW YOU.
If not for Shri Anant Pangam , Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, who in the last 4 months had so many meetings in his office with these officials from these 10 factories and gave his full time and effort , this project would still be now where as it's where today.
Well before approaching Sir Sanjit, for two full years I was literally begging of FSSAI Director Mrs Jyoti Sardesaai , who refused to help me.
I pleaded with her and her department to atleast call the factory Heads and share the idea but it reached no where as she was not in favour.
I then approached Labour Commissioner, Shri Raju Gawas and his asst labour Commissioners who tried what best they could do, but Shri Raju Gawas got transfered.
Side by side  I approached ADC to Hon Governor of Goa, Shri Vishram Borkar ( SP ) who introduced me to the then Secretary , Mr Mihir Vardhan , who heard my proposal and suggested to get this proposal implemented through Factories & Boilers department.
♡♡♡ Well today I can only say ” THANK YOU ” to Sanjit Sir & Shri Anant for putting food on so many people plates , today it will be a few hundreds but in the next 4 to 5 months it will be a few thousands.
The BLESSINGS & THE PRAYERS of the poor who will benefit from this food will be beyond one's imagination and understanding.
Goa has highly capable and understanding Government officials and two of them are
Sir Sanjit Rodrigues & Shri Anant Pangam. 
We mostly only find faults when things go wrong and post all nasty comments but one needs to also appreciate such deeds and services especially when the topic is not connected to the Department.
If you reading this post are working in a factory in Goa & feel that Canteen extra food should not be wasted & it can be given to the poor , then please do contact Shri Anant Pangam , Chief Inspector of Factory and Boilers , Altinho.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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