30.1.2024. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA now starts FREE Physiotherapy services in rural villages across Goa for the poorest of the poor Goan senior citizens, widows and those suffering from disabilities.
We have been running successfully : 
》12 Free psychiatric homes for the poor Goans,
》23 Food Bank fridges,
》3 Physiotherapy units for our homeless goans
_*This is how we are planning these free Physiotherapy sessions.*_
☆ 1. We are first conducting  FREE Physiotherapy camps in rural Goa.
◇ Camp 1 – innaugrated by Director of Social Welfare,  Sir Ajit Panchwadkar @ St John The Baptist Church , Pilerne, on 28.1.24
◇ Camp 2 – organized by Minister of Social Welfare, Shri Subash Phal Dessai @ Sangameshwar Vidhyalay , Nr Vithal Temple, Bazarwada, Sanguem on 29.1.24 In collaboration with our NGO.
Hence forth , Two camps per month for the next 11 months with one camp in each district per month is being planned across Rural Goa only.
☆ 2. From these camps, the poorest of the poor & deserving especially Widows & senior citizens with disabilities will be identified who are in need of Physiotherapy. 
☆ 3. Twice a week for a month, a batch of 6 to 8 such poor senior citizens will be given Free Physiotherapy sessions per camp.
☆ 4. Those who attend the camps and are not poor or economically backward and are in need of Physiotherapy will have to approach the Physiotherapist who conduct these camps and pay them to do the Physiotherapy sessions at their residence.
_*Well basically psychiatric homes are run by Psychiatrists &*_

_*Physiotherapy units are run by Physiotherapist.*_

_*I am neither a Psychiatric nor a Physiotherapist*_
But I understand, Hunger , sickness , poverty  Homelessness , disabilities, etc and I am committed to go beyond my capacity inspite of me being an Commerce graduate.
_*On this network of FREE 24 Physiotherapy units in rural Goa, we intend to divert into psychiatric treatment to the poorest of the poor goans.*_
The rate of poor people in Goa suffering with mental disabilities is hitting the roof.
In two years from now even if we have increased our bed capacity from today which is at 240 to 500 , still the demand will be more.
To offset that future demand for rehabilitation , we intend to identify in rural villages through our Physiotherapy units those also suffering from mental disabilities and list them down. 
We will provide transport to these poor goans and get them to IPHB for evaluation & assessment.
Once assessment is done, we will provide free psychiatric medication which IPHB does not provide free after their monthly assessment.
And this will be month after month.
In this way, we intend to keep the lid on those poor goans in villages suffering from mental disabilities from going out of control due to timely psychiatric treatment and plug this problem well in advance.
_*Its a long term plan which will give results in may be 2 years from now.*_
Since we have hard core experience on the ground level  in both fields ie Psychiatric & Physiotherapy by handling more than 1000 such people in the last 7 years, this is the only tried & tested formulae we now wish to take to the poorest of the poor goans in rural villages especially Widows, senior citizens & those suffering with mental disabilities. 
Trust me, the demand for rehabilitation in shelter homes for those with mental disabilities will be so huge in the next few years that beds will not be available as there are no NGOs entering this field of FREE REHABILITATION for the poorest of the poor.
The economics just don't match.
The calling to serve the poor is not appealing to many. 
Today it's all about the money.
We have to take medical services to the poorest of the poor in Goa to the villages and we are going to do what we have started. 
Free Physiotherapy sessions for the poorest of the poor across Goa.
_*Well many will wonder about FUNDING for*_
_*the equipment for the 24*_ _*Physiotherapy units,*_
_*the Physiotherapist fees for these 24 units,*_
_*Well that's for another day on another post.*_
Be free to ask all queries if you have once you read this complicated yet need of the hour post.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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