29.1.2023  8pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA  GOA is installing THESE 10 new fridges to accept and collect extra cooked food.
( picture attached).
Please do sponsor these fridges @ Rs 19000 each.
These are brand new ELANPRO  fridges purchased from Global Enterprises , Porvorim.
We have identified 10 locations where these fridges will be installed & we are assured of daily min 25 kgs to 30 kgs of Extra food which otherwise is being wasted everyday.
These 30 kgs of food from each fridge is enough for 80 to 90 meals as 1 kg of food is enough for 3 people.
We have identification of numerous poor families situated in the vicinity of these fridges who are suffering from HIV & TB and other sickness.
We have 3 teams created covering 3 fridges per team and these teams will directly get this extra good food to those poor families daily.
We as the only Registered Food Bank in Goa have 23 such fridges installed across Goa , with 11 such fridges installed in Police Stations. 
For almost 6 years and running our food bank fridges has been feeding our homeless in our shelter Homes as daily we get about 300 kgs to 500 kgs of food of which 20% to 30% is not consumable which is then fed to the animals.
We also donate extra food to other homes and other NGOs who feed in their locality in Goa.
Running Food bank fridges has been one of the greatest achievements I can boast off as a result we are able to open so many Homes and take in non stop so many homeless people. 
Why ?
Because daily we know God provides food in our fridges which is donated by many unknown and unseen people who understand hunger & Homelessness. 
If my shelter Homes can run with extra cooked food through our food bank fridges why not other poor people homes especially those suffering from HIV & TB and sickness ?
Many will think about ” FOOD POSIONING “.
Yes you are right .
We have designed systems where by our team members are made to understand looking at the food to know if the food is consumable or not.
Usually poor and underprivileged people never ever complain about food as most of them hardly can afford 2 decent square meals and whatever is given is accepted if not good they will throw out, but they never ever complain.
It's the unwanted idle people who are usually jealous and envy of those who are trying to do good who make issues and show a mole as a hill
If you feel your can sponsor a fridge or two then be assured of UNLIMITED BLESSINGS from so many poor families suffering from HIV & TB and poverty and sickness.
All communications strictly through whstsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848