24.1.2024.  7 pm IST 
Can u ever imagine in Goa , poor ethnic goans from villages without food , medicines, and not going our of the house for years due to stigma & mental disabilities which has passed down from one generation to the next generation.
Due to mental disabilities :
》one sister died, 
》one sister has not left the home for years & incase goes out of the house , starts shouting & throwing stones, 
》All other related family members also suffering.
Well, many assume and pass comments 
” no poor goans in Goa or on the streets “.
Today we took in one sad, disappointing , pathetic, terribly suffering ” elderly mother and an un married and terribly undernourished daughter ” suffering from mental disabilities may be even chronic disabilities. 
Father died leaving behind 3 small daughters.
Not exactly sure what and how but one unmarried daughter died suffering from mental disabilities. 
Another daughter married but recently showing initial signs of disabilities. 
And this 3rd daughter, totally lost and high level of depression which might be some sort of mental disabilities,  being looked after by the elderly widow mother with no source of any money.
When Neighbors give, only then they get food to eat.
Neighbors don't Have any issue in helping but are scared as the daughter gets bouts of aggression & other symptoms of mental disabilities. 
For close to 10 years daughter and mother are just in the small house & should by chance the daughter venture out of the house , all trouble breaks loose as she might be taunted, mocked or made fun off which results in the daughter firing bad words, throwing stones, rants and abuses.
One of our village volunteer in this village & an elderly Nun saw their misery and approached us to care & rehabilitate which we consented.
Today the mothers brother admitted into our home with the recommendation of the Local MLA & The Village Panchayat.
These are both LIFE LONG ADMISSION & I have to be responsible for them as long as they live as there is just no one to help them back home.
And most of our admissions are LIFE LONG and I am responsible for them as that's how life is.
They have no money , no saving , no pension,  no government dole , NOTHING.
Easy to Freaking pass comments on social media ” NO Goans are poor or No Goans are on the streets “.
And you should know why and where my anger and attitude comes from. 
It arises as The Women & Child Department especially The Deputy Director who turned her heart into stone when she should have been on the ground to here the cries of such horrible instances of our own goan women living in misery.
Simply i don't get angry.
It's been years that Ministers, Directors , Deputy Directors have done absolutely nothing for our own poor goan women suffering from mental disabilities and have no 1st hand data, info or any idea of how widows , unmarried girls , abandoned wives, elderly ladies are living in S*IT suffering from mental disabilities. 
This freaking nonsense attitude of these government officials has to stop.
The day I loose my patience  ” I will be forced to sit on the streets with all these ladies ” till it attracts the attention of State Women & Child Minister as well as The Central Women & Child Minister. 
As of today we have close to 10 such goan ladies suffering from mental & physical disabilities living in S*IT , pleading & asking for help and we will help and all these are in IPHB.
Once released, may be by this month end, if we don't admitt them , these 10 will reach the streets , make a mess , get a pasting from others, may be even man handled & abused and then again they will be reaffirmed into IPHB.
So do these poor Goan ladies with disabilities admitted in IPHB have any choices ?
We as an NGO can't give these excuses like other do :
☆ We don't have space, 
☆ We don't have care givers ,
☆ We only take from this religion ,
☆ We can't manage ladies with disabilities, 
☆ Etc
We accept and care for anyone who needs care and help especially if they are goans & poor.
No one is ever refused admission but that requires constant flow of resources.
That's why we constantly upload our work on social media ” showing what we do & asking for donations “.
At the rate mental disabilities is rising I am sure every month we will be taking in 15 – 20 poor goans suffering from mental disabilities. 
At current 180 strength add 15 per month to 12 months ie 180 .
So 360 to 400 beds we have to have at any point of time.
If you wish to support us please do but don't pass negative comments as that will come back to you and your family and then it will be to late to reverse the situations.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848