8.1.2024. 8pm IST 
We have just finished Celebrating the Festival of Christmas commemorating The Birth Of Baby Jesus in a manger and incase you reading this post have any budget left which you did not spend for Christmas then please donate for a genuine cause.
We have a big medical bill to pay and all help is welcome .
( incase you get time and check the prices in Google you will get a fair idea of the costing).
STREET PROVIDENCE MANIPUR completes a month of our men shelter home being blessed and we now have a registered office In Imphal.
I had spent a couple of days in Manipur early December 23 and moved across various districts listening to various people who are going hardships.
One thing hit me ” medical equipment & medicines ” are the need of the hour.
Immediately we ordered huge qty of generic medicines from Delhi, for two hospital ie Kangpokpi & Singngat. 
( attached posters of the medicines)
Medicines are in big demand in the hills as logistics is a nightmare.
Organizing these huge qty of medicines at short notice took 2 weeks and only after 25th Dec these medicines were dispatched to Guwahati & Dimapur as there is no direct freight services into both these districts from Delhi.
Medicines sent to Dimapur has finally landed at Kangpokpi.
Guwahati medicines is yet to reach Singngat.
Both consignments left same day from the same supplier through the same transport Co but logistics is a big issue. 
Winter has set in . Night temperature is at 8 degrees. 
Unemployment is an issue due to the displacement, inflation has reached double figures as per today latest news so naturally prices will double
The poor especially those with little children, the elderly, those suffering from disabilities, women with new born babies will be effected the most.
It's difficult times in land 4000 kns away from Goa
Curfews , strikes, etc are common in the last few weeks.
Even before these two consignments reached , we have requests for more medicines from other districts.
It's difficult to say no but we have to ask for donations to bring that Little light in their lives.
For the last few days I was occupied with our shelter home issues in Goa which are almost sorted out due to the Support of The Hon CM Of GOA & we have started rehabilitating a huge no of poor goans suffering from mental disabilities into our Goa homes.
Goa is just 2 districts and I see and get daily so many requests for help and rehabilitation that I shudder &  can't stop thinking about the plight of those in relief camps whose troubles especially for medication is worth helping out with.
Dry ration is being taken care off for 500 families each month in different districts as we got a sponsor for 6 months dry ration.
A little here and there towards a genuine cause is what my humble request to you incase you are reading the entire post and reached this line.
Most of us have gone on with our daily lives as its next to impossible to go on helping again and again, which is but natural.
But now we have a home in Manipur and we have staff in Imphal , we are keen to provide aid and help to as many as possible be it through dry ration, medicines, school fees , medical equipment, rehabilitation of those with disabilities or even reconstruction of homes.
You too can join us and play your little part As we share in their troubles and bring light in their lives.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848