6.1.2024. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE has started the New Year with focus being on rehabilitation of the poor Goans who are homeless and suffering from mental disabilities as well those homeless on the streets and abandoned in hospitals.
From 2nd to the 5th , we have provided rehabilitation to 5 such men & women and in the coming week we have close to 10 such ethnic goans to rehabilitate, failing which most will reach the streets as all are poor goan ladies and all are suffering from mental and physical disabilities. 
These are the 5 who we have taken in as seen in the poster attached  :
☆ 1. An elderly Goan abandoned widow, from Divar having no one in her family to care for her &  recommended by Mayem MLA,  dropped by the Village Sarpanch to our home , suffering from mild mental disabilities.
☆ 2. The ” Dead man walking Alive ” from Agassiam suffering from big wounds on his head which requires daily dressing and a severe degree of mental disabilities admitted by the family.
☆ 3. A abandoned non Goan man, Mr Prem Patil from District hospital mapusa brought in by Goa Police @ Mapusa, wheel chair bound with severe physical damages to his leg and on a pamper, and has to be carried around for everything and totally undernourished & weak , brought on a Stretcher in our Ambulance to our home 
☆ 4. A poor goan man from Navelim suffering from severe mental disabilities whose sister too is in our shelter homes for over two years with multiple sickness including mental disabilities and having at home an elderly bed ridden mother who just can manage even one of them.
☆ 5. A south Indian homeless man brought by Goa Police @ Anjuna who is totally insane had to be admitted into IPHB as he was getting put of control.
We also rescued a goan dumb man roaming on the streets of Mapusa – Giurim road and reunited Him with his family at Candolim through Calangute police station , after The Disability Commissioner of Goa, Mr Pawaskar saw him early morning roaming around on the streets and informed us to help and in the bargain disturbed my peaceful sleep that early morning.
But the coming week is tough as there are 9 to 10 admissions of ethnic poor goan ladies suffering from severe to incurable mental disabilities of which 8 are in IPHB awaiting their discharge but we are delaying as our women homes are totally full, but we will adjust.
It's getting bad to worse on the streets and only those on the ground see and find such genuine people looking for help care and rehabilitation.
We are committed to taking in all genuine requests especially if they are poor goans and suffering from mental disabilities. 
We have been assured full support by
The Hon Chief Minister of Goa to keep our services on &  to run as many homes as we can 
so as to avoid our poor goans suffering from mental disabilities reaching the streets due to no care and timely treatment and daily medication.
With assured help from The Department of W&CD & Social Welfare, we just need to focus on opening more homes to take in all these poor goans suffering from mental disabilities else there will be a spill over on the streets and IPHB will be in a tight spot.
Remember IPHB has 190 beds and we have 240 beds, of which our 125 patients are extremely volatile & suffering from severe to chronic mental disabilities.
Any delay in support from the authorities can lead to demotivation from our side and once that happens it will ge difficult to handle.
We are in constant need of support through donations as we as in kind like diapers, food grains , medicines, etc.
To run so many Free shelter home looking after the homeless and those with severe mental disabilities one needs a continous flow of funds and donations.
And that's the reason we use social media to promote and show the world our work so as to generate donations without which we will not be able to help and care for 100's of genuine poor goans suffering on the streets due to mental disabilities and homelessness.
I am aware that our continous and non stop services as an NGO across Goa and India in many fields is causing ENVY & jealously among a few people who can't just digest my style of working .
Please do support us through your blessings , prayers and donations
All queries strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848