5.1.2024. 7pm IST 
♡♡♡ Director of Social Welfare Department, Government of Goa, Shri Ajit Panchwadkar, personally admitts a poor Goan man suffering from severe mental disabilities from IPHB into our shelter home in the department car.
♡♡♡ Thanks to the Social Welfare Minister Shri Subhash Phal Dessai for all his silent support behind the scene.
Well you must hear and watch the above link to understand how Government of Goa through Social Welfare department is attempting to address the issues of poor goans suffering from disabilities who if not admitted into a shelter home might end up homeless.
In the last 6 years I have seen 7 to 8 Directors on that lovely chair but the current Director Shri Ajit Panchwadkar is a man who knows how to get things done professionally, systematically and a no nonsense officer with no time wasting.
Its either Yes or No. That's his style. Straight forward, which keeps him in a class apart.
Well 1.1.2024 , we had a small press in the office of The Social Welfare Department which was to be attended by The Hon Minister of Social Welfare but due to important work The Hon Minister could not attend and instructed the Director,  Shri Ajit to take it forward.
Our intention is to involve 2 departments ie 
Women & Child and Social Welfare in this big issue of poor goans suffering from mental disabilities and due to poverty are turning homeless on the streets. 
And yes both The Ministers of both departments along with their Directors will be involved to support us in this service towards the poor goans turning homeless due to disabilities.
Our NGO is determined to get staff who work in both departments to go beyond their call of duty and work on the ground with prior permissions from the department heads. 
Sitting in offices does not give a feeling of the ground reality where poor people suffer and it's time we changed this system by helping those on the streets.
And that's what happened on 3.1.24 at 3 pm when Shri Ajit, Director of Social Welfare Department himself visited IPHB , met Dr Anil Rane and Mr Suddesh Gaude , understood the issues at IPHB regarding rehabilitation of genuine poor goans especially who need rehabilitation but due to no shelter homes often reach the streets.
Shri Ajit Panchwadkar had committed at that press conference, to provide transport facility as & when required by us to bring any poor goan person with disabilites from the IPHB to our shelter homes and that's what he stood by on 3.1.24.
The patient is a poor goan man from Navelim whose sister too is in our home for over two years as she too suffers from chronic mental disabilities and their elderly mother is frail and I am told sick and bed bound so no one to  monitor his daily medicine.
According to protocol it's the duty of the Social Welfare Department to run their own homes and transport such genuine poor people suffering from mental disabilities into the homes in their own vehicles. 
Now, since they at the moment they are not having space at Provedoria , Street Providence is next stop always for all government departments,  as we are ALWAYS having ample of space to always accept the poorest of the poor be it on priorty basis Goans as well as non goans.
We welcome this great inniative and support given in the form of free transportation of shifting genuine cases of poor goans suffering from mental disabilities from IPHB to our homes by The Social Welfare Department headed by The Dynamic and workaholic Director, Shri Ajit Panchwadkar. 
( not to forget The Social Welfare Minister without whose knowledge this inniative would not be possible ).
We also await this same support of free transportation of Women suffering from mental disabilities from Women & Child Department headed by another wonderful Minister Shri Vishwajeet Rane .
Ultimately both departments should work with us for the benefit of our poor Goans suffering from mental disabilities who if not rehabilitated will be reaching the streets.
Well it's a new year , new ideas , new directors in both departments but same old never ending problems of poor goans suffering from mental disabilities in need of shelter homes for rehabilitation. 
We are sure to get the support of both Ministers but as you have heard ” there is always a slip between the cup and the lip ” & if that takes place then we will definitely withdraw from providing rehabilitation to the those in the future .
We are committed and it's time both these Hon Ministers along with their Directors also show their commitment.
Nothing is free and nothing comes free.
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God bless you all.
Donald Fernandes 
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