10.1.2024. 8pm IST 
To bring free health care to the poorest of the poor in rural villages across Goa ( before we implement it across other states ) we are starting FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY CAMPS which will be followed up by free Physiotherapy sessions in RURAL villages in GOA, for the poorest of the poor.
And the 1st such camp is on 28.1.2024 @ St John The Baptist Church , Pilerne , Bardez , Goa.
( poster attached).
This camp is OPEN TO ALL including the poorest of the poor in the villages of Pilerne , Nerul & Reis Magos.
Those who are not poor and can afford ” our Physiotherapist will treat you at your home for a reasonable charge ” after you are assessed at The Camp.
But only the poorest of the poor will be provided free Physiotherapy sessions after the assessment at The Camp.
But even before this 1st Camp starts , our FREE Physiotherapy sessions are taking place for 2 poor goans ladies suffering from pain, in a brand new room provided by Fr Derrick , The Parish priest of St John The Baptist Church. 
Well most of my projects are thought off way in advance looking at the problems on the ground.
Flash back :
》Mid 2017 – food bank fridges. 100 % still on
》Dec 2017 – shelter home. Today need of the hour.
》Jun 2022 – Physiotherapy units . 3 are running.
The world is in stress , tension , sickness, trouble
Poverty is increasing leading to mental disabilities as well as pains in the body.
Old and elderly are abandoned due to social issues of children who migrate etc.
In the next 2 to 3 years the mental health issues due to alcohol, drug abuse, stress, etc is beyond one's imagination as of today. 
You can expect hoardes of people with unsound minds roaming the streets and you and I will not be able to do anything neither will be the authorities.
All may not get admission into psychiatric hospitals or even shelter homes. 
In a country of 1.4 billion, we have only 440 + hospitals dealing with psychiatric issues.
We intend to create units in rural villages for two purposes only for the poorest of the poor  –
☆ 1. Physiotherapy for the body – by moving Physiotherapist into villages 
and on this same network, 
☆ 2. Psychiatric medication for the mind – by gathering data of those in the villages suffering from mental disabilities , get them assessed at the local Government mental hospital, provide them free monthly transport to go for their monthly assessment to the government hospitals , providing free psychiatric medications month after month.
Might sound complicated or confusing to some.
But hold on.
We are currently having a bed capacity for 240 people with mental & physical disabilities along with 3 full fledged Physiotherapy units and we see alot of stability and improvements In all our psychiatric patients in all our 10 shelter homes in Goa due to Physiotherapy and administering them their prescribed psychiatric medicines from IPHB only.
So if it works in our homes it should be taken to others who will be requiring these services.
This is how Street Providence is going to work – by taking free health care for both mental & physical disabilities to the poorest of the poor only in rural villages in Goa.
Funding ?
Well there will be avenues namely :
☆ Government 
☆ Private benefactors 
☆ There are alot of well to do people who have so much wealth.
☆ Etc
You can also be a part of this unique concept of free health care in rural villages and get that permanent joy when you see your donation bringing LIGHT to the poorest of the poor in your own village by this concept.
But if we need to see reduction of murders , suicides, divorcees, hordes of homeless people living on streets , unclean people roaming endlessly , etc then we need to look at how to bring good health care to the poorest of the poor with focus being on Awareness of mental disabilities.
We visualize, conceptualize, implement and are always ready when the problems have escalated.
1. Just 24 hours ago UN, has put out on their official site the no. of people with disabilites in the world, both in % and in nos. 
( poster attached ).
It means 1: 5 or 1: 6 person is suffering from disabilities. 
Or in simple words ever 5 to 6 person requires help as they are suffering from disabilities. 
2. Government of Goa , is doubling their bed capacity at IPHB from 190 to 400 ( approx).
With point 1 & 2, the writing is clear and visible but majority don't want to see , even if they see understand that this is not for my family and then when it strikes one family – run helter and shelter. 
We require cluster of 3 villages to join in but only In rural Goa as we are keen to implement this system across RURAL Goa and not only through churches but also through temples and mosques.
We require the space only – equipment and Physiotherapist we will arrange.
No negative comments please as it will come back to you only.
Let's prepare to fight this huge issue of mental disabilities before it gets out of hand.
All communications strictly through whatsapp only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848