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The Birth of Baby Jesus IN A MANGER, is a birth of a child, whose parents Blessed Joseph & Mother Mary had to move from Nazareth in Israel to Bethlehem in Palestine.
Imagine those 7 to 10 days moving 130 kms via Samaria on a donkey with Mother Mary carrying a Baby Jesus in her stomach.
After all, the trip would be hard on her. It was likely early in the autumn of the year, so light rains were possible as the dry season gradually ended. 
Bethlehem was perched at a lofty altitude of over 2,500 feet (760 m)​—quite a climb, an arduous end to a trek of several days.
Perhaps it would take longer than usual, for  Mary’s condition might require numerous periods of rest. 
Now, of all times, a young woman might yearn to stay close to home, where she had family and friends who were ready to help when her birth pangs began. 
Without a doubt, she needed to have courage to take this trip.
Today / tonight as we Celebrate The Birth of Baby Jesus, let's stand with the Refugees across India & the world.
Refugees are usually poor and unwanted who suffer hunger , sickness and homelessness.
In India we have a refugee like situation in Manipur and in the World its in Palestine.
Life in refugee camps is not easy at all and I am sure in both places Christmas celebration will be absolutely negligible.
I am standing in Solidarity with these refugees by toning down the Christmas celebration in my home.
The festive mood is missing in my life and there are genuine reasons as I have seen suffering in these camps which makes me belive Christmas is about caring and sharing and giving to those who have nothing to look forward too.
My recent 6 day trip to Manipur brought utter poverty and poor health issues to my attention in certain districts of the state which made me go back to my drawing board to understand how
I , YOU & WE can address and work on long term solutions to even a small level but consistently.
♡♡♡ To live the Actual spirit of The Birth of Baby Jesus, we have attached a poster of our work.
Our primary focus has, is & will be on rehabilitation of the homeless, the refugees and the poor with disabilities, be it in Goa through our 10 Homes or in Manipur & Jharkhand with our 1 home each as of date.
Just like Baby Jesus was born in the early winter so also the winter has set in across North and eastern India.
In Jharkhand 25th Dec midnight it will touch 11 degrees and in due course it will go further down.
♡♡♡ We distributed 750 brand new blankets to 750 poor school as well as 750 + brand new school  shoes & 1000 pairs of new socks to poor children.
In Manipur 25th Dec midnight it will touch 14 degrees and further downwards the temperature will go.
10000 brand new blankets already distributed beginning of this month.
From Last week we are distributing :
》Christmas Cookies 4200 pkts ,
》Bebinca 5000 pkts,
》Dry ration kits 800 kits to 800 refugee families, 
》Dry ration kits 200 kits to 200 widows with HIV.
We had ordered a huge consignment of medicines for 2 districts which is on the way as medicines is a huge requirement from camps especially as a huge no of people are suffering from Depression & Anxiety are being reported.
For those who were not in favour of me sending bebinca & cookies to the camps please do understand that this huge medicine bill has to be paid. 
☆☆☆ Please do contribute towards this huge medicine bill for December 23.
Every month dry ration is being distributed in different districts both in the hills and the valley among all those who are in camps starting October 23 to March 24.
I end by asking all to say a very small Prayer for Peace where ever there is turmoil and displacement.
It is a time of God showing His great love for us. It can be a time of healing and renewed strength. Sure, enjoy the season but remember to rejoice as well! 
After all, the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of God's ultimate gift: the birth of Jesus, the Christ child, which is the real meaning of Christmas. 
Let's remember those suffering in refugee camps around the World.
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