28.12.2023. 4 pm. IST
Hon CM of Goa plays Santa to our 
50 poor goan homeless ladies with mental disabilities in our 5 shelter homes and instructs W&CD to release all our dues including advances for 23-24.
This was instructed on 26.12.23 , Tuesday, 
W&CD Issues 7 orders for 4 women shelter Homes on Wednesday 27.12.23 , by 2pm.
Amazing speed.
I am sure never ever before has any NGO got 7 orders issued in one day including advance.
Hon CM of Goa had met us on 16.12.23 at his residence along with 22 goan ladies with disabilities. 
He assured to sort out and meet us again the following week but that did not happen due to genuine reasons.
Christmas day , CMO office fixes an appointment for 26.12.23 at 6pm with our NGO & W&CD officials,  ie  Director & Deputy Director.
I need to thank Two important staff of the CMO.
☆ 1. Mr Ajit Roy , IAS officer and Secretary to CM &
☆ 2. Mr Tushar Vernekar , Dysp Goa Police and incharge of CM Security.
I am sure both had briefed Hon CM about our work and kept CM updated about our genuine issues and troubles .
Hon CM sat patiently and listened to my never ending complaints and told W&CD to do the needful.
Hon CM was all ears to our issues and he was well aware of the struggles and frustration we are facing to the extent I even expressed that we are ready to shut down if the attitude of the DD from W&CD does not improve.
At no point of time did I get a feeling that 
Hon CM was bored of our complaints and facts.
Hon CM Was surprised at what pathetic rates our shelter Homes are given these grants which were calculated in 2007.
Hon CM accepted the new proposed grants calculated at 2023 by the W&CD director and committed to get these amendment approved in the coming session of assembly and release the funds ASAP for 23-24.
Unfortunately we had to let go of the difference of 21-22 & 22-23 for 1 Shelter home under the Central Government scheme which is more than Rs 10 lacs as DD of W&CD could not convince or did not show the motivation, which ultimately we have to bear the loss.
Hon CM requested to close up the matter for 21-22 & 22-23 of this one home and although I showed my disappointment I had to respect the Hon CM and agree.
Hon CM was explained in detail how its next to impossible to care for poor Goan ladies with mental disabilities from the streets when the grant calculated in 2007 gives us just :
Rs 6000 as rent per month for 10 Ladies
Rs 1000 as food per month for 10 ladies , etc
The W&CD officials had no valid explanation to defend as the DD is not giving justice to her seat and her designation.
Hon CM heard more of my never ending complaints which included our poor goan men sufferings from mental disabilities in the mens homes, where again we get just Rs 2500 as the grant from Social Welfare Dept, but they give us these grants in advance & they give it cheerfully and promptly.
To my good blessings Social Welfare Minister Mr Subhash Phal Dessai was invited to join our meeting and Hon CM instructed the Social Welfare Minister to move a file to increase our grants from Rs 2500 to a substantial amount per goan homeless man with disabilities.
This file too will be approved by The Hon CM.
Hon CM also sorted out other financial issues regarding our poor homeless goans suffering from mental disabilities on the streets.
We now have two good officers in the CMO to take our future issues regarding any government officials who don't help and sort out our issues of running shelter Homes for the poor Goans on the streets with disabilities.
Hence forth , no government officials should avoid sorting out issues regarding homeless goans with disabilities as we will not sit quite.
Everywhere there are systems but there are in each department one freaking officer who does not use these systems which causes frustrations to people like me and bad name to the Department when we hit the streets.
Ultimately who gets the blame ? THE CM of The State.
Our fight for funds has strictly been against the DD of W&CD and not against the Minister or the Director.
With these huge amount of grants now released we in the New Year are going all out in starting  more homes for poor homeless goan women with disabilites.
The full month of January 2024 we will attempt to get 50 such poor goan homeless ladies off the streets or abandoned at hospitals or in the IPHB into our shelter Homes.
Many people last few days messaged me saying your funds are held up as :
》You are working in Manipur, 
》You are a Catholic ,
》CM will not release your funds,
》You need to give a bribe to the officials,
》Elections are around the corner,
I am providing a difficult service in Goa and across India in caring and looking after homeless street people with disabilities.
My religion is in my home and my faith is my personal matter.
I never ever discriminate about Caste creed or religion in our NGO and I never ever believe that this officer or minister is communal.
We @ Street Providence know our services has got value and we know that there are no other better shelter homes in Goa having a capacity of 240 beds currently providing and caring for with homeless with mental disabilities.
To support our Homes or to close down our Homes is the decision of the Government.
In this case The Hon CM of Goa has assured and committed all the support and we will definitely increase our bed capacity from 240 beds to 500 beds in the coming year 2024.
We are here to care & rehabilitate the poor homeless goans suffering from disabilities and who wants to think anything or comment anything are free to do so.
We are thankful to God for the Grace and strength to run these services as dealing with mental disabilities inmates is not easy as it can easily get to one's nerves and effect one's health.
All comments good or not good strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848