20.12.2023. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE JHARKHAND,  distributes on the eve of Christmas :
750 + brand new school shoes & 
1000 pairs of brand new socks ,
to 500 poor children from 2 Schools in the vicinity of our shelter home in Jharkhand.
Both schools link attached below 
On 25.11.2023 , Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas had distributed 500 new blankets to these 500 poor  children in the same schools which our NGO had donated and we had put a small sentence in our broadcast, how children in these 2 Schools attend classes either in slippers or with sandals.
Link attached of 25.11.2023
In that post of 25.11.2023 , a few pictures of the children were shown which caught the eyes of a couple of Goans .
Mr Darryl was the 1st to confirm strictly through whatsapp that he & his family would sponsor all the 500 school shoes which he generously did.
Mrs Joan also confirmed through whatsapp that she would donate for the 1000 socks which she generously did.
Mind you ” I am yet to meet both Darryl & Joan “.
There were many others after them who volunteered to donate for the shoes & socks but I declined as the target was achieved.
Infact through the donations of Darry & family we got a fantastic rate in Calcutta and we got close to 790+ shoes which the balance 250+ will be distributed to the 3rd school also in the same vicinity.
( we have another 250+ new blankets also being distributed to these balance children again donated by a fellow Goan from Colva ).
A huge no of these children are wearing shoes for the 1st time and it's just touching to bring that little joy to these small children.
Infact we had even distributed new note books to these 500 children a few months back.
Street Providence gets the credit but the children's blessings and gratitude goes spiritually to these two benefactors as its they who made this possible.
Infact Mr Darry and his wife were blessed with a new born baby last week and I am 100% sure that little baby is highly blessed and favoured by these 500+ little children's prayers and good wishes.
These schools are surrounded by bauxite & coal mines and poverty is rampant.
Education plays a huge role in rural India and we are just fortunate to play our little part in this remote part of India through the Archdiocese of Daltong, headed by Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas our fellow Goenkar. 
Christmas is that one time of the year where all of us feel the need to go a little beyond our calling and we @ Street Providence Goa invite you to partner with us as we take your donations to the poorest of the poor and in return you get the spiritual blessings.
Where ever our shelter homes in India are situated we understand the problems faced by the locals and we attempt to solve their problem
We have regular demand for :
》Simple medication ,
》Hospital equipment new or second hand,
》Educatin fees and education equipment,
》Hostels upgradation as most poor children come from far flung villages and its next to impossible to go home daily so they stay in hosted attached to Schools,
We have all types of projects ready, if you have the donation to put down and that too for a worthy Cause and you can visit the project yourself to see how your donation is put to good use for the poor. 
Wherever our Shelter Homes are situated out of Goa , we have associated with the local Archdiocese of that area for all activities concerning rehabilitation and support to the poor
We are grateful to Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas for all the support shown in working with our small NGO and we have attached a small video in Konkanni Of Bishop Theodore explaining about this new shoes distribution.
We still are 5 days away from the Birth of Baby Jesus and if you have that desire just like Darryl & Joan to do something special for some one who they never saw or will see , then its time to get in touch with me through whatsapp only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848