13.12.2023. 7pm IST 
A goan gentleman Mr Brian, based in Mumbai thru his donation ensured electricity is always available for close to 400 children in a relief camp/ school, which otherwise sees electricity not available at times for hours or even days.
Our team member Joseph Fernandes had visited a school in September in Singat, Churachandpur and observed that children were studying with candle light which shocked him.
On his stay for 24 hours in that area he understood that electricity fails quite often and the diesel generator had stopped functioning for months if not years.
He felt disappointed and called me saying we need to help as there are 150+ displaced children of the total 400 children Including orphans children admitted in this School.
We exchanged views and had put out a small sentence in one of our posts in September asking for donations for Solar panels which caught the attention of Mr Brian.
But we settled for a Dynamo.
Now there was another issue  – how to get that Dynamo part into Singat school and how to get the technicians to fix it.
Getting the part took 15 days as nothing is available in that district.
We paid advance to the supplier and in 15 days the Dynamo reached.
Now the technician was another issue as its a totally isolated ( but scenic beauty which will think you are in a foreign land ) and there huge and multiple check posts in this district but with The Grace of God one technician agreed to install this part and finally there is uninterrupted electricity when the government electricity fails.
Just behind the school there is a camp for the displaced people with old and Persons with Disabilities as well as young small children.
Another disturbing aspect only one bore well in this entire compound so no electricity for 
hours / days means no water as there was no generator working. 
This borewell was for 250 people but it has 500 people and children to take care off.
At times the children have bath alternate days.
The people in the camp are given only a specific amount of water. 
That one bore well can't provide 500 people water. 
WE REQUIRE HELP TO BUILD ANOTHER BOREWELL in this School for the children as well as the displaced people.
The camp people have just 4 to 5 bulbs as the power supply is only for the school and the load can't be increased.
The sanitation is another issue as its for 250 people but holding 500.
So much of other freaking issues. 
3 displaced families are residing in the animal shed as there's just no place.
It's freaking winter and the previous day of my departure the night temperature was at 11 degrees.
The most upsetting part is one CHC for 17000 people with absolutely no medicines and other medical facilities and all are sent to 45 kms away at Churachandpur District hospital. 
I was so upset that we ordered more than 
Rs 6 lacs of Medicines from Delhi to Guwahati and then from there I need to break my head how to move it to singat.
This bill too needs to be paid in the due course of time.
Huge no of cases of depression & anxiety plus other mental issues.
I have one PRINCIPAL, where ever we work we finish the problem no matter how long , how difficult, how costly or how frustrating it is.
In this case : 
Brian provided electricity through his donation to 400 children Including quite a no orphans without he seeing them or even the school ,
We got the credit in that area from all the children.
But BRIAN has 100% got the chikdrens blessings spiritually. 
And like Brian there are so many who are spiritually blessed through the donations that have, are & will be given towards 
MANIPUR RELIEF by Street Providence. 
Today we have a full fledged office cum shelter Home for men in Imphal in association with Archdiocese of Imphal and soon our 2nd shelter home for ladies is being planned.
Among 1000's of people who get my daily broadcast message only one gentleman read the small request for a solar panels for the school.
Holy Spirit knows whom to inspire its just that one needs to respond.
Imagine of BRIAN did not respond – those little children and the 10th std students would be not able to study and there would be despair and frustration in the minds of 400 children.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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