11.12.2023. 7pm.IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE MANIPUR finally gets our 1st shelter home blessed, innaugrated and ready to start accepting homeless and poor men with mental disabilities.
A project costing a few lacs but worth the costs as this was a floor with no basic infrastructure.
》No floor tiles just cement floor ,
》No false ceiling only asbestos sheets,
》No wash rooms,
And with the complete renovation as seen in the link and the attachments we now have :
☆ A big dormitory with 15 beds at the moment,
☆ A wash room area with many toilets and 5 sinks,
☆ A dinning room for meals,
☆ A beautiful long corridor, 
☆ An isolation room ,
☆ A room for medication and office work,
☆ A room for the care givers with a wash room.
Also in case anyone wants to work and serve the poor in Manipur we now have our own decent accommodation in our shelter home where one can stay.  All are welcome.  * conditions apply.
Video attached as a link which will show you how this full floor bare with asbestos roof just 3 months back and how it's now fully changed and to be used to provide care and rehabilitation for the poorest of the poor with disabilities. 
♡♡♡  We thank the Archdiocese of Imphal for collaborating with us and providing us the space to run this shelter home for the poorest of the poor in IMPHAL suffering from disabilities.
Labour and material costs is almost double to the rates prevalent in Goa as its a real complicated scenario across the entire state.
We have ordered 15 new beds for this Home and that will take 30 days to be delivered from Assam to Manipur.
Here everything and anything has to be brought either fron Assam or Nagaland and everything takes time due to the logistics, transportation and so many other issues.
I must thank three important but simple men in nature, for this home :
♡♡♡ Emeritus Archbishop Domnic Lumon DD,
♡♡♡ Hon MLA  Shri Ram Muivah, Ukhrul Constituency,
♡♡♡ Director Social Welfare Department 
Shri Ngangom Uttam Singh. 
The Emeritus Archbishop for the support & trust shown in giving us space to set up a home ,
The Hon.MLA for the understanding the need for such services in current prevailing situations,
The Director for granting us a license way back in September 2023.
The Social Welfare Director is co operative & very understanding and he is keen that we open more homes as there are huge no of people in need of care due to disabilities.
We need help to clear the bills of setting up of this Home as we had secured a line of credit from various suppliers.
My 6 days visit in Manipur has brought stark naked reality to my eyes in the field of :
》Basic health care 
It's totally very disappointing & disheartening to see sow much of anxiety and uncertainty wherever I went. 
I covered atleast 6 districts across Manipur and its not satisfying what I saw.
It may be a drop in the ocean but that's the little you , we & i can do instead of doing nothing.
If you are convinced that our service is towards a genuine cause you can support our appeal towards clearing the bills of this shelter home.
Else please don't pass any unwanted comments as you will never understand how the poor are suffering.
If any one wants to see with their eyes and then clear our bills , we will be happy to provide you a 1st hand experience / trip of everything that currently the poorest of the poor are going through across the state.
It's the season of Christmas and we can work together to provide that roof, that bed , that medicine , that care to the most deserving.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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