◇◇◇ Help us raise :
10000 boxes of Christmas cookies & 
10000 Bebinca for those families displaced in RELIEF CAMPS in Manipur to brighten up their Christmas season.
As winter tiptoes into Manipur, and after nearly six months of displacement, there is still a sense of uncertainty and despair among those currently residing in relief camps in Manipur. 
Life in these camps might be tough, but with Diwali and Christmas just around the corner …… guess what?  we've got a plan to add a dash of happiness to their lives!
What lies ahead for those in the camps who have no homes to return to? Since life in these relief camps is far from the comfort of our cozy homes, and we aim to make it a bit brighter and more bearable.
To battle the winter chill, we've sent a whopping 9,180 brand new blankets to the relief camps in Manipur. 
Warm clothes are on the way too on our fourth truck, courtesy of our ongoing clothes drive. 
But that's not all; we're bringing a taste of Goa to these displaced Manipuris in the Relief Camps.
When tragedy strikes – either natural or man-made, most of us feel sad initially and then move on with our lives.  But those in the relief camps are unable to move on, and are still braving it out in their new make shift environment. 
They and their children continue to live with the fear, sadness and uncertainty in their lives.
Imagine any festival celebration in total despair and uncertainty.  What impression it has on children?
Hence during this festive season of Diwali and Christmas, our NGO has decided to send to Manipur a tiny piece of Goa to make them smile and restore their hope in Humanity.

We're talking about 
☆ 10,000 pieces of Regos Bebinca (in 250-gram boxes) &
☆ 10,000 pieces of Cremeux Christmas cookies, ready to make them smile. 
This might just a small gesture of love from Goa, but it's packing a whole lot of spirit-lifting goodness!
Our little gesture, paired with warm clothes that will be sent in the 4th truck, will not only warm their bodies but also lift their spirits, thanks to the sweet bebinca and cookies straight from the heart of Goa.
Here's the plan: 
》Each Cremeux Christmas Cookie box is priced at a breezy Rs. 200.

》Each Rego Bebinca 250-gram box is a sweet deal at Rs. 100. 
These manufacturers are playing Santa by offering rates far below the MRP, all for the joy of MANIPUR RELIEF.
It's important to note that the cookies have a two-month validity, so we need to order well in advance of Christmas. This allows for manufacturing, storage, transportation, and redistribution to the camps, which typically takes about 30 days.
You can be part of this sweet squad and support this cause in two ways:
Visit any of the 16 CREMEUX outlets across Goa, purchase Rs. 200 coupon for a cookie box, and drop it in the designated box at the counter.
Starting from 28.10.23, Coupons will be available at all CREMEUX outlets.
Then, please send us the coupon numbers via WhatsApp, and our volunteers will redeem them before November 15, 2023.
For Regos 250-gram Bebinca, which usually retails at Rs. 130, we have a special batch with a pre-printed sticker on each box and a special price of Rs. 100. 
You can buy them in bulk directly from the factory at SANCOALE Industrial estate or allow us to purchase them for you.
Our fourth relief truck carrying these goodies and other relief material will depart on November 18, with the Archbishop of Imphal, His Grace, Rev Fr Domnic Lumon DD, flagging it off from Duler, Mapusa.
To ensure uniformity and avoid potential issues of comparison, please refrain from buying other brands of Christmas cookies and bebinca. 
Our volunteers will be in Manipur to distribute Diwali sweet boxes procured from Imphal from November 11th to 13th and Christmas sweets from December 15th to 18th.
It is common for the urgency of crisis to fade from public consciousness as time passes, but we remain tirelessly at work in our relief efforts in Goa, Jharkhand, Sikkim, and Manipur and soon enough, we're looking to spread our wings across the shores of India too.
We're not just dreamers; we're doers, no matter the hurdles or haters.
So, dear benefactors, you've got a BLESSED opportunity to spread the joy to those who need it most across India, in Manipur, ONE COOKIE BOX and ONE BEBINCA BOX at a time. 
If each of us pitch in just five cookie boxes and five bebinca boxes, the total adds up to just Rs. 1500/-
 That's the power of collective goodness!
If you require further help or any clarification please be free to whatsapp me on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848