23.10.23  10 am IST
Clothes for the displaced needy by Street Providence Goa. 
Too much pain and destruction, whether caused by human actions or natural disasters, leads to sorrow, hunger, illness, homelessness, despair, frustration, etc  affecting people both in India and around the world. 
The individuals most profoundly impacted by this devastation are the poorest of the poor, including infants, young children, mothers, the elderly, people with disabilities, and the bedridden. 
The winter season exacerbates/ adds to the suffering already endured by these individuals.
Starting on October 23, 2023, we will be collecting warm clothes, suits , blazers and other garments year-round to distribute to locations across India where the winters are harsher than those in Goa.
 However, we kindly request a donation of Rs 5000 for every 30 pieces of clothing you contribute. 
This request is made to cover the substantial expenses associated with collecting, cleaning, sorting, packing, storing, and transporting the clothing to their final destinations.
Here's a breakdown of the costs involved:
☆ 1. Clothes will be collected from your home, incurring transport costs – we have no points to drop nor any space in our 3×3 mtr office to accept.
☆ 2. All clothes will be sent to a laundry for washing, ironing, or dry cleaning, – again incurring laundry costs.
☆ 3. After the laundry, the clothes will be delivered to our 11 shelter homes in Goa for packing with camphor/ naptahline to maintain freshness –  again incurring further transport, labor, and packing material costs, among others.
☆ 4. The clothes must then be transported to the main warehouse for storage – Again involving transport costs, labor, and rental expenses.
☆ 5. A large truck must be hired to transport these clothes across India. 
Such trucks can cost between Rs 2-3 lakhs for distances ranging from 2000 to 4000 kilometers.
The bills for each truck, containing 5000 to 7000 kgs of clothes, run into several lakhs of rupees and our NGO is unable to bear these costs.
When buying new clothes, we often spend hundreds or thousands of rupees per unit, but now you must decide if you can part with your 30 old clothes in any condition for a donation of Rs 5000. 
We offer the convenience of picking up these clothes from your doorstep with an appointment.
Please note ” we don't have any drop points in Goa for clothes neither are we accepting any clothes in our shelter homes or in our office”.
It's essential to recognize that when you give away your old clothes, you're not doing anyone a favor; instead, the recipient is providing a service that involves significant time, effort, labor, and costs. 
Please consider that, by donating your old clothes and contributing to the above costs, you are providing a service to those who are suffering through no fault of their own. 
Your clothes always go to the poorest of the poor and not to the wealthy.
When you declutter your wardrobe, you're shedding unwanted emotions, and most people have closets full of clothes to give away. 
Thus, the poorest of the poor are indirectly helping you rid yourself of negative energy and unwanted clutter. 
However, there are costs involved in transporting these clothes from your closet to the needy person who will undoubtedly appreciate receiving clean and well-presented garments.
Reflect on this message and give it another read. 
The poor around the world are in pain and dire circumstances, and mere expressions of sympathy, candle light march, street demonstration, peaceful demonstration,  etc 
do little or rather make no differences to poor to  alleviate their suffering.
We work in many such relief camps & poor regions of India & we understand the pain that these poor people go through for months and even years.
Very soon our relief work will be expanded beyond the shores of India.
In recent months, we've witnessed unending destruction, conflict, hunger, suffering, and sickness on television, and many feel helpless in the face of these crises. 
However, at Street Providence, we offer you the opportunity to bring hope to the hopeless through your clothing donations and financial contributions. 
These donations will also support our shelter homes outside Goa, as the clothing will be distributed in states where our shelter homes operate or are in development mainly Jharkhand & Manipur for the moment , followed by other states in India.
We are prepared to accept anything and everything you wish to give away, but a donation is required to cover the transportation and labor costs for both picking up and distributing these items to those in need. 
It's time to change our perspective and approach when giving away old and unwanted items, instead of accumulating clutter and negative emotions in our lives.
For clarifications and any further help only for clothes please call only on 8380077564  
( 9 am to 6 pm ) Sunday phone is off.
Or strictly whatsapp on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848